Northwest class completes ‘Donut Be A Bully’ Challenge

Special to the Bulletin
Pictured is Dana Cyr’s kindergarten class at Northwest Elementary. [Photo contributed]

Mrs. Dana Cyr’s kindergarten class at Northwest Elementary received Shipley Donuts for the “Donut Be A Bully” Challenge hosted by KTAB News on Friday, February 21.

KTAB News hosts a Classroom Kindness Challenge to promote acts of kindness and good behavior for elementary and middle school classes.

“It’s an honor to do this. It brings us such joy to know that it encourages the students of our future to do acts of kindness. We love that we can reward them with something sweet,” said Tara Woodard, a representative from KTAB.

To qualify for the donut party, the class had to complete the Classroom Kindness form with challenges that included discussion of why kindness matters, saying hello to someone new, and cleaning up after someone else, to name a few.

“I would just like to thank KTAB and Shipley’s from Abilene for giving us the opportunity to express our love to each other and spread it to the world,” said Mrs. Cyr.