Advocating for agriculture symposium

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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Corpus Christi Based Specialist are hosting an online agriculture symposium. It will be held on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 7:30am – 12:00pm. You will be able to join the symposium from the comfort of your home; all you need is a computer/laptop with internet capabilities. 2 general CEU’s available.


• 7:30-7:50 Join the Online Symposium

• 7:50 Welcome & Introductions—Dr. Megan Clayton

• 8:00 The NOT Beef Burger—Dr. Joe Paschal

• 8:30 Update: Hemp Production Laws in Texas—Dr. Josh McGinty

• 9:00 Update: New Range & Pasture Herbicides—Dr. Megan Clayton

• 9:20 The Scoop on Glyphosate—Dr. Josh McGinty

• 9:50 Cattle, Sheep, or Goats? Fitting the Right Animal to your Situation—Dr. Joe Paschal


• 10:30 Path to the Plate &—Dr. Dan Hale

• 10:50 Pesticide Safety & Environmental Health— Dr. Mark Matocha

• 11:20 Fertilizing: Options and Accurate Prescriptions—Dr. Jamie Foster

• 11:50 Cattle Fever Tick Update—Dr. Joe Paschal

• 12:05 The Sustainability Movement—Dr. Megan Clayton


The cost of the program is just $10/person.

The link to register is:

Registration closes on April 12th at midnight. A link to the symposium will be emailed the day before the webinar.


Last week we went over some desirable medium-large trees to possibly include in your yard/landscape. This week we will discuss some small trees and shrubs that should do well in our area.

Texas Redbud – Small tree, needs full sun, can get 15’ – 20’ tall and wide, deciduous, very high heat tolerance, is most commonly multi-trunked, has pink flowers in the spring.

Mexican Plum – Small to medium tree, can get up to 25’ tall and wide, single trunked, grows singly and does not form thickets as most other native plums do, deciduous, has white flowers in the spring, has dark red fruit that ripens in the fall.

Texas Mountain Laurel – Slow growing large shrub can be trimmed to a small tree, has black seedpods which contain red to orange seeds, both seeds and flowers are poisonous, has purple flowers, evergreen, high heat tolerance.

Texas Sage (Cenizo) – Native, medium sized shrub, silver/gray leaves, purple blooms in summer, called “barometer bush” because flowering is triggered humidity or high soil moisture after rains, drought and heat tolerant, needs full sun, not susceptible to pests/diseases

Coralberry – A spreading, arching shrub which spreads by stolon’s, prefers some shade, has slender stems, leaves turn red in fall, produces berry like fruit, deciduous, 2’ – 6’ tall.

Rosemary – Can be grown in pots or as a landscape plant, needs 6 hours of sun, grows best in full sun, has evergreen character, grows up to 4’ tall, has small lavender-blue flowers in spring, has strongly scented foliage.

New Jersey Tea – Small shrub, 2’-4’ tall, has white flowers in spring prefers partial sun, deciduous.