Dates to remember is May and June

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May 22 — Deadline to RSVP for Leadership Lab

May 25 — Extension Office Closed for Memorial Day

June 9 — Recordbooks Due for County Review and Categories

15 — Deadline to RSVP for Junior/Intermediate Fashion Show

16 — D-7 4-H Horse Show, San Angelo, Texas

22 — State Fair Lamb and Goat Validation 9:00am at the Extension Office

23 — State Steer/Heifer Validation 9:00AM – 12:00PM at Bob Clarks Pens

24–26 — D-7 4-H Leadership Lab, Texas 4-H Conference Center, Lake Brownwood

30 — Recordbooks Due to the Extension Office



With seniors not receiving the full recognition due to COVID-19 outbreak, Brown County 4-H would like to spotlight graduating 4-H seniors. YOU MUST BE CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN THE 2019-2020 4-H YEAR. If you would like for us to spotlight you on Facebook and the newsletter follow the link below to fill out the form We are extending the registration deadline if you are interested in submitting a form. For more information contact Nick Gonzales at the Extension Office.


If you are planning on exhibiting a steer at the Brown County Youth Fair or a State Show it is mandatory that the steer is validated. If you are planning on showing a heifer at any fall shows and has not been validated, you will need to have it at validation. Steer/Heifer validation will be on June 23, 2020 9:00am – 12:00pm (MUST BE IN LINE BY 12:00pm) at Bob Clarks pens. If you have any questions, contact the Extension Office.


If you are exhibiting a lamb and/or goat at the State Fair, there will be validation on June 22nd 9:00m at the Extension Office. You must have purchased a tag to validate. If you have any questions, contact the Extension Office.


An important part in selecting your market livestock is to know who will be judging the major stock show you will be participating in. Below is a list of judges for the 2020 – 2021 major stock shows:

2020 - 2021 Major Show Market Judges

2020 State Fair of Texas

Youth Market Steers —Jirl Buck, Madill, OK

Youth Prospect Steers — Spencer Scotten, Nevada, MO

Youth Market Barrows — Chad Day, Atlanta, IN

Youth Market Lambs —Jimmy Davis, Walters, OK

Youth Market Goats — Barrett Carlisle, St. Leavenworth, KS

2021 Fort Worth Stock Show

Steers —Jarold Callahan, Yukon, Oklahoma

Barrows— Travis Platt, Roanoke, Indiana

Wether Lambs — Dr. Scott Greiner, Blacksburg, Virginia

Wether Goats — Harlan Yocham II, Sapulpa, Oklahoma

2021 San Angelo Stock Show

Steers — TBA

Barrows— TBA

Wether Lambs — TBA

Wether Goats —TBA

2021 San Antonio Stock Show

Steers —Dr. Scott Schaake, Manhattan, Kansas

Associate Steer Judge —Dr. Parker Henley, Stillwater, OK

Barrows— TBA

Wether Lambs — Todd Wise, Keenesburg, CO

Wether Goats — Dr. Scott Greiner, Blacksburg, VA

2021 Houston Livestock Show

Steers — Shane Bedwell, Holt, MO

Barrows— Justin Rodibaugh, Rensselaer, IN

Seth Swenson, Newark, IL

Wether Lambs —Dr. Scott Schaake, Manhattan, Kansas

Wether Goats — Dr. Mark HogeGood Hope, IL

2021 Rodeo Austin

Steers — Nick FitzsimmonsOK

Barrows— Ben Bobell, IL

Wether Lambs —Evan Snyder, PA

Wether Goats — Spencer Scotten, OK


It is that time to start putting your record book together. If you are planning on putting a record book together here is the website to find the forms and other information you may need for your record book

Due Dates:

•June 9 – Must submit recordbook for county review and categories

•June 30 – Final due date to submit recordbooks

If you need assistance, training material or have any questions contact Nick Gonzales at the Extension Office.