Brownwood FCA athletes honored at stadium

Staff Writer
Brownwood Bulletin
Fellowship of Christian Athlete All-Star athletes from Brownwood High School are pictured Friday at Gordon Wood Stadium, where they received jerseys and plaques. [Photo by Steve Nash]

Denied the chance to compete in next month’s Fellowship of Christian Athlete All-Star games, Brownwood High School FCA athletes gathered Friday afternoon at Gordon Wood Stadium, where they received plaques and All-Star jerseys.

Like most other school-related activities, the FCA camps and games were canceled because of COVID.

Kurt Newton, FCA representative for the Brownwood area, is organizing get-togethers for FCA athletes and their parents at all of the schools in Newton’s area.

Coaches and parents joined the Brownwood athletes for a time of fun and picture-taking, and Newton handed out jerseys and plaques to each athlete.

“Normally this time of year we’re getting all geared up for our FCA all-star games,” Newton said.”Basketball here in Brownwood would’ve been played on the 13th of June, football and volleyball on the 13th of June in Abilene, baseball, softball on the 12th of June in San Angelo and then this year we added golf.

“With the COVID deal, we were unable to do that. Our games and all of our camps were canceled by our home office in Kansas City. We’re trying to make them feel as much like an all star as we can without playing in the game. This is not a great way to do it and it’s not something I ever want to do again.”

Athletes who’d been selected as FCA All-Stars were Isyah Campos, Hadley Monroe, Matyha Thompson, Aleyia Cotton, Aubrie Harris, Ashlynn Patteson, Jakob Dorsett, Landon Harris, Abby Burks, Alexis Dossey, Jessica Phariss ,Rowdy Gregory, Drew Huff, Zack Strong, Reece Rodgers and Cooper Swanzy.

“Hopefully when they look at these jerseys, they’ll remember ‘I got to be with my teammates again for the first time since March.’” Newton said. “These kids — every single one of them — deserves to be an all star, and every one of them is an all star.”

Campos, a basketball point guard for the Lions, said he’d been looking forward to the FCA game. “Stuff happens. It will be all right,” Campos said. “It is a special deal for us, something that we’ll always be part of.”

Monroe, a Lady Lion basketball player, said she is disappointed in the way the school year ended. “It was very hard on me and my friends,” Monroe said.

While some may take school for granted, Monroe said, she’d like to “get to walk these halls one more time and see everybody.”

Coming out to Gordon Wood Stadium with her FCA teammates brought a sense of closure, Monroe said.