America is under siege

Staff Writer
Brownwood Bulletin
John Shoemaker

We have witnessed protests, violence, arson, looting, killings.

This started as a unified feeling of disgust about the killing of George Floyd. We had a universal agreement that it was wrong.

We agree that bad cops exist. Most cops are good. The crime rate for both violent and property crime has significantly declined since the 1990s.

The bad cops have created fear in the hearts of the black community. Cops themselves are afraid of black criminals.

The troubling trend for years, according to FBI statistics, is that about 90% of all crimes against blacks are committed by blacks.

One report says, “In 2018, where the homicide victim was black, the suspected killer also was 88% of the time. And this is not an exceptional situation. From 1976 to 2005, 94% of black victims were killed by other African Americans.”

During May’s last weekend in Chicago alone, there were 84 wounded by shootings and 25 blacks killed by blacks. Eighteen killed on Sunday alone.

Floyd was no angel. He was a five-time convicted felon with his most egregious crime was sticking a gun in the belly of a Hispanic pregnant woman while committing a burglary in her home.

But his cruel death was just another example of prejudice, police fear of blacks who create a disproportionate amount of crime, and general mistreatment of African Americans.

It became the flashpoint.

Then something insidious happened. Peaceful protests got lost in a separate movement to destroy America.

With alarming speed and effectiveness, violent protests broke out across the U.S., mostly in Democratically controlled cities and states, with well-organized and well-funded efforts.

We do know that the leading domestic terrorist organization is ANTIFA. Incredibly, pre-positioning of pallets of bricks was made to supply protesters with the means to smash, grab, loot and burn across major urban areas.

These terrorists got a free pass from local authorities, mostly Democrat party politicians, to do as they pleased.

The reason? Let them vent their rage against discrimination and President Donald Trump. It became political.

The result? Estimates run over $200 million in damage. More than a dozen killed plus police shootings. Over a thousand victims are in hospitals with serious wounds.

Now there are calls by Black Lives Matter to defund and even eliminate police departments, substituting them with “social workers.”

Of course, this is insane. The people most at risk is the black community.

America freely burned and looted by criminals is unacceptable. The local and state leadership was either absent, too weak, endorsed the violence or simply acquiesced.

We have now seen what it looks like without police enforcement. It would be survival by those with guns.

As stated in our Constitution, “peaceful protests” are good for bringing attention to the citizen’s concerns. They are an integral part of the Democratic system to bring continuous improvement to society.

Insurrection with anarchy and destruction is more than sending a message, it is about rejecting our core assets - our Constitution, institutions, our culture, history and our way of life.

The anarchists want the overthrow of the existing government, beyond kicking out Trump, but the replacement of a new order that includes little respect for the law, open borders and socialistic dependency on government. Dependency increases the power of politicians.

The breakdown and lack of respect for the law are exacerbated by the establishment of “sanctuaries” where states rejected federal laws. Liberal efforts to reduce sentences for criminal acts, early release of prisoners, and bail reform have proven to be a disaster; for example New York City.

All these acts are being forced on the majority by a minority. They want division and strife to bring about the new order. Under this new ideology, Americans are no longer citizens but “peasants” who need to comply, while politicians don’t.

We cannot allow arson, looting and murder to go on unchecked. This is lunacy.

We must stop the relentless push toward anarchy by reinforcing the rule of law, adjusting police policies to be more supportive of community safety needs, and delivering a message of accountability to both police and terrorists.

America has proven to be the most successful and unique model of governance in all human history. It gave us freedom, ownership of property, a bill of rights, the rule of law, and a practical way for the pursuit of happiness and wealth without fear.

We are not a racist nation, even as many try to shame, intimidate and overpower us for political power.

Will the “majority” of America stand up against those who would ruin our great country?

Do our leaders have the courage to protect our Constitution and the rule of law?

Americans are not peasants.

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