Breaking ground for Urgent Care

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Brownwood Bulletin
Hendrick Health System representatives and Brownwood city officials prepare to turn some dirt at the Urgent Care groundbreaking Monday afternoon.

Hendrick Health System expanded its footprint in Brownwood with a ceremonial groundbreaking on a hot Monday afternoon for construction of an Urgent Care clinic.

The 3,500-square-foot facility, which will open in the summer of 2021, will be built at 400 E. Commerce, near United Supermarkets.

Representatives of Hendrick and other companies involved in the construction, along with Brownwood city officials, gathered for the groundbreaking in what is now an empty lot. After remarks from Brad Holland, president and CEO of Hendrick Health System, and Hendrick board of trustees member Paul Waldrop of Brownwood, several individuals stood behind shovels and turned some dirt.

Hendrick also conducted groundbreakings Monday for two other Urgent Care facilities in Abilene.

With the completion of the Urgent Care, Hendrick Health System will have three facilities in Brownwood. The other two facilities are the Medical Office Building and the Surgery Center.

“It’s my honor to offer my first groundbreaking here in Brownwood,” Holland said. “Hendrick Health System has had several ribbon cuttings that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in. This is the third venture that Hendrick Health System and Brownwood have gotten to come together on. I’m really excited about this venture.”

The new facility will have five exam rooms, a large procedure room and on-site X-ray and lab services, Holland said.

“Although they say we’re going to have a waiting room, my desire is to not have anyone waiting,” Holland said.

The facility will have a children’s area. Online appointment check-in and registration will be available, and the electronic medical record system will be connected to Hendrick Health System sites, Holland said.

“Oftentimes this facility will be Brownwood’s representative or (a resident’s) first time to ever deal with a Hendrick facility,” Holland said. “Oftentimes you have a relationship with a primary care doctor or you might have an emergency. But early on in my tenure as a representative of Hendrick, I recognized that we had no urgent cares. We wanted to offer real time solutions in a low cost manner to residents where they live.”

The facility represents expanding not only Hendrick’s “nonprofit, Christ-driven mission but also (is) a continuum of care coordination between facilities,” Holland said.

Holland noted that doctors offices are typically open Monday through Friday and some are closed Friday afternoon.

“That leaves Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday, so almost a third of the week, uncovered for real time, low cost access to health care,” Holland said. “And this Urgent Care fits that gap.”

Holland asked Waldrop to step to the microphone. “One of the great things about Hendrick is, it is a faith based nonprofit organization,” Waldrop said. “Rather than being a for-profit hospital where we send what little profits we make to shareholders, we invest 100 percent of those back into the communities we serve.

“Our board is as committed to Brownwood as they are Abilene and making enormous investments over here.”

Holland said COVID has not delayed the Urgent Care project. “This is something we’ve been working on for about a year and a half now,” Holland said. “If it has done anything, it has strengthened our resolve and the reasons for these facilities.

“This has been a vision that has not been worked on in a vacuum. It’s taken a small village to get together.“

Brad Holland, CEO and president of Hendrick Health System, speaks at the groundbreaking Monday afternoon.