Creed, Briley fired from county jobs

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Brownwood Bulletin
David Creed

Former Brown County Court Coordinator Amy Briley said she and former Emergency Management Coordinator David Creed have been fired from their jobs by Brown County Judge Paul Lilly.

Briley said she was notified by letter Wednesday morning her services are no longer needed, and that Creed was notified Saturday by text message.

Former Brownwood Assistant Fire Chief Daryl Johnston has started work as the new emergency management coordinator, Briley said.

“We are no longer employed by the county and it was not a voluntary separation,” Briley said.

Lilly said via text message, “the county as a policy does not discuss personnel matters. Moves like this are always painful, especially when you have known one as long as I have.

“However, with that said, I feel the moves made, as painful as they were/are, are in a better place to serve the best interests of the citizens of Brown County.

Creed returned a call to the Bulletin Thursday morning and said he does not know for certain why he was fired, but said, “As far as I can tell, I think I am being terminated because I went and talked to the treasurer without his permission.”

Briley said she is still trying to figure out why she was fired as the termination letter did not give a reason.

Briley began working as court coordinator when Lilly took office in January 2019.

Amy Briley