Rogers will represent local, not personal, agenda

Staff Writer
Brownwood Bulletin

As a city council representative and former chamber of commerce executive in HD 60, I know firsthand the importance of having a trusted representative in Austin. Someone our community can count on to represent our unique needs, to take our phone calls, to step up and speak out on our behalf when it really counts.

I believe Dr. Glenn Rogers is that person who would be responsive to the citizens of HD 60. He is conservative and demonstrates the ability to work with people to achieve our goals. He also has a demonstrated track record of leadership and business success.

Our community, Mineral Wells, is experiencing a rebirth that is made possible in part by a bill sponsored by our former State Representative, Jim Keffer, designed to get our downtown back on its feet. The whole community stepped up to support this legislation, and Jim carried the bill in 2008. The importance of representation like this cannot be overstated.

Citizens of our area need representation, not adherence to a personal agenda or political beliefs totally separate from our local context.

I strongly encourage you to support Dr. Glenn Rogers as OUR state representative in the runoff election happening now.

(My opinions are my own and don’t represent the City of Mineral Wells.)

Beth Henary Watson

Mineral Wells