Brownwood Public Library joins Coursera’s Workforce Recovery Initiative

Special to the Bulletin

The Brownwood Public Library has partnered with the online learning platform Coursera on its Workforce Recovery Initiative. It helps provide unemployed workers or anyone with a desire to learn or improve their knowledge and skill sets with free access to 3,800 online courses.

The initiative’s goal is to help impacted workers develop the knowledge and skills to become re-employed. Learners have until September 30, 2020, to enroll in classes; learners enrolled by then will have until the end of the year to complete their courses.

Through the Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative, the library is able to provide learners, many of whom lack financial resources, with job-relevant online learning. The 3,800 courses on Coursera are taught by the university and industry educators, covering business, technology, and data science skills.

The initiative also includes Professional Certificates, like the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, designed specifically to train people for high-demand jobs.

“We are excited to join this initiative and bring this wealth of learning to the residents of Brown County,” said Brownwood Library director Becky Isbell. “Unemployment for the Brownwood micropolitan area has more than tripled over the past year, from 3 percent in May 2019 to 10.1 percent in May 2020, and we don’t yet have the statistics for June.

“The need to provide resources for workforce development has never been greater in our community. With access to more than 3,800 courses teaching high demand skills, I’m sure our community will be better prepared to return into new jobs and careers.”

To become a learner with access to all courses, visit Once approved to become a learner, you’ll have full access to the Coursera catalog.

For more information about this and other library programs, contact the library at (325) 646-0155.