Brownwood council awards bid for Fire Station 2 addition

Staff Writer
Brownwood Bulletin
Fire Station No. 2 on Indian Creek has not has any significant upgrades since it was built in 1971.

Brownwood City Council members agreed Tuesday to award a $117,000 bid to Cody Smith Construction, pending a review by City Attorney Pat Chesser, to construct a 1,056-square-foot addition to Fire Station No. 2 on Indian Creek.

Council members were also asked to approve an additional $3,000 to convert the sleeping quarters in the existing structure to a workout room.

The funds for the addition will come from the 2016 Certificate of Obligation which has $120,000 in undesignated projects.

Fire Station No. 2 was built in 1971 and has not had any significant upgrades since construction, council members were told.

It was originally built with one restroom and sleeping quarters that do not offer any privacy. The station needs additional restrooms, a workout room, laundry facilities for personal protective equipment, and office space, the council was told.

To be the most cost effective, all project design work was completed by the City of Brownwood Engineering Department. In an unrelated construction matter, council members took no action on proposal to for foundation work at the Adams Street Community Center.

When the County Elections Office moved out of the building in 2017, staff noticed that the foundation had settled and the floors were sloping. There were cracks in the walls and water damage on the floor due to water leaking into the building.

Staff received three quotes for leveling the building by installing piers. The low quite that meets city specifications was $21,650, council members were told. Staff also received a $3,500 quote guttering the building.

Council members favored H.D. Jones’ suggestion that using the money for interior upgrades would be a better use of funds. Jones estimated the upgrades could be done for $30,000.

“It’s not going anywhere,” Jones said of the building. “I think it’s settled all it’s going to settle.”

In other business Tuesday, Brownwood Fire Chief Erick Hicks reported on Monday’s fires which included a large Mills County brush fire.

Brownwood firefighters were preparing go to Mills County to assist, but went instead to Bangs, where a 30-acre fire consumed a trailer and other vehicles, Hicks told council members.

About 200 acres continued to burn Monday in Mills County, Hicks told council members.

Hicks also said a city brush truck was committed to a 7,000-acre fire in the Texas Panhandle.