Dick, council take up Monday’s high COVID positives

Staff Writer
Brownwood Bulletin

Nearly half of Monday’s 66 positive COVID test results were from a nursing home, Brownwood/Brown County Health Administrator Lisa Dick told Brownwood City Council members Tuesday.

“(Monday) was a really big day,” Dick said of the large number of positives.”

Referring to the number that came from a nursing home, Dick said, “that still leaves us with more than 30 cases that came from our community, which is a really big number.

“I want to continue to encourage everyone to do those things that are preventative. The only way that we can make a difference for our community is to try to do things differently or better than what we are seeing in other communities. Otherwise we’re just going to follow in their footsteps and continue to have lots of cases.”

The numbers for COVID-19 testing in Brown County as of late Monday were:

2807     Tested

2467     Negative

103       Pending

237        Positive Cases

108        Recovered

116        Active Cases

13           Deaths

When a COVID patient is listed as recovered, that “doesn’t mean that their life returns to normal,” Dick said. “There’s a residual factor that occurs afterwards. We still see people that have recovered on oxygen or still having problems breathing.

“I want everyone to understand that that’s not the end of it when we mark them as recovered.”

With more cases, there will be more deaths, Dick said. “So just be aware of that when you’re making decisions about (whether) you’re going to be out in the community more, if you’re deciding to wear a mask or not, or group gatherings or going out when you’re sick — you’re making a choice that affects other people,” Dick said.

Mayor Stephen Haynes noted that no executive orders have been issued by the city since April.

“It’s up to the cities and counties as to how they want to enforce the mask situation,” Haynes said. “I feel the governor’s orders at this point have been as strict or stricter than what we would come out with as a municipal level. I don’t feel there’s any need for us to try to come up with some other grand plan.”