’Universal language of our soul’

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Brownwood Bulletin
Jackie Andersen teaches a guitar class Wednesday afternoon during the Music Camp, sponsored by Brownwood Music and held this week at the Adams Street Community Center.

At a time when people are encouraged to be apart, Jackie Andersen said she found a way to bring children together.

Brownwood Music sponsored the sixth annual Music Camp, which Andersen organized and helped teach. Twenty-three students from ages 6 to 16 came from communities including Brownwood and Austin to experience playing the piano, guitar, ukulele and drums.

The camp was held Monday through Thursday at the Adams Street Community Center.

For some of the students, it was their first experience with a musical instrument. Students experienced the joy of making music rather than just listening to music, and feeling the excitement of accomplishment, Andersen said.

“When you can create something beautiful, like music, you will forever be able to create beauty,” Andersen said. “To be able to give children the opportunity to learn skills that will not only enhance their self-esteem, but will give them the ability to enrich their life and others by the beautiful music they create, is one of my greatest joys.

“In today's challenge to stay healthy and observe social distancing, these students were eager to learn, enthusiastic about music and were committed to learn each instrument. Music is a universal language of our soul, and is a lifetime gift to anyone who believes in music.”

Music camp 20201 is already in the planning with more instruments to experience and more opportunities to create music and have fun, Andersen said.

Andersen provides private music lessons for ages 5-95 at Brownwood Music, and she offers a

“Music and Movement” class for ages 3 to 10, on Monday and Wednesdays. For information call Andersen 325-998-8433.

Kaeli Goodgion teaches a ukulele class Wednesday afternoon during Music Camp, sponsored by Brownwood Music and held this week at the Adams Street Community Center.