Report: 131 active COVID cases in county, one hospitalized

Staff Writer
Brownwood Bulletin

The Brownwood/Brown County Health Department received 16 positive test results, 11 negatives and 1 recovery, the City of Brownwood reported Monday.

There are currently 131 active cases.

Totals for Brown County as of Monday are:

2913     Tested

2530     Negative

289     Positive Cases (PCR Tests)

145     Recovered

131     Active Cases

13     Deaths

Earlier Monday, Brownwood/Brown County Health Administrator Lisa Dick updated county commissioners court members on local COVID cases. One COVID patient was hospitalized as of Friday, Dick told the commissioners court.

Mobile testing will be set up for the next four Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Brownwood Intermediate School gym parking lot, Dick said.

“We do want you to register in advance,” Dick said. “Last time there were lots of people who didn’t register in advance and there were significantly long lines.”

According to the City of Brownwood, registration opens approximately 24 hours to the site opening. Register in advance online at, and then click “COVID 19 Testing Locations” which will pull up an interactive map. Brownwood, Texas site registration information will appear once registration has opened. To be guaranteed a test advanced registration is required.

“I know sometimes we get the idea that it’s safe now, because there’s not an official stay-at-home order, but we’re trusting people to be responsible to help us minimize the effect that this has on our community,” Dick said.

“So I encourage people, don’t stay at home necessarily, but minimize those trips to the grocery store. Minimize the number of times that you have to be out. Continue to use social distancing. Those are all in addition to wearing a mask.”

Sheriff Vance Hill said the there has been a back log with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice accepting inmates from county jail.

“They’ve indicated that they’re reopened and started to take inmates, but it’s been three weeks now and we have yet to get a chain letter,” Hill said. “So I’ve got about about 20 inmates sitting in the jail waiting to go to TDCJ.”

There have been no COVID cases in the jail, Hill said. The sheriff’s office have had a part-time employee and a deputy who are COVID positive and both are on the road to recovery,” Hill said.

“We’re doing all we can to fight it back there in the jail,” Hill said. “We’re being real cautious.”