Early police respond to scams

Staff Writer
Brownwood Bulletin
Early Police Chief David Mercer

The Early Police Department posted information about two recent scams on its Facebook page.

The victim of the first scam was a woman searching on-line for a house to rent in Early. She located a house and texted the "owner" to the number given. The "owner" gave the address and stated he now lived out of town.

The victim drove by the house and decided to rent it. She then sent the "owner" a deposit, first and last months rent totaling approximately $1,900. The "owner" gave the victim a number code to enter the house.

When the victim arrived the number code did not work and no one would answer the number the "owner" had given to the victim. The "owner" did not own the house. The "owner," or suspect, had searched for houses for sale and then advertised on another site of a house for rent. The house was for sale and currently under contract. The Early Police Department is following up on the accounts used for the posting.

In the second scame, a man received a check in the mail for more than $3,000 from a company out of state. The letter requested him to text the amount of the check to a certain number and that the check had been received.

The sender would then have told the intended victim the check included an overpayment, with a request to send some money back. However the check would not have cleared the bank and the intended victim would have used his own money to send back.

The intended victim in this case did not follow any of the sender’s instructions so he was not out any money. The check was professionally written and was from a legitimate business out of state. The male who received the check searched the business and made contact with the business owner on the check. That business owner stated he hasn't sent anyone any money.

Many of the scams are controlled from by people out of the country. No charges can be filed against them. Once they get your money it is gone.

Police are contacted several times a week by someone who has been contacted in a scam attempt.

Be careful with your money, police said. Scammers are working in many different ways. Always verify everything. Be suspicious. if you are not sure of something, ask your bank or contact law enforcement.

No one gives away free money. if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.