Chief: Early officers ’made a huge difference’ in incident

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Brownwood Bulletin
Brownwood Bulletin

EARLY — A report of a disturbance at an Early convenience store Friday night had a much different ending from the usual disturbance call.

Police chief David Mercer posted a summary of the incident — in which two officers ended up helping a disoriented elderly man get reunited with his family from out of town — on the Early Police Department’s Facebook page.

“Many stories like this are never heard these days, but they happen all the time where officers make a huge difference with what they do,” Mercer wrote on the post.

Mercer’s post about the actions of Cpl. Michelle Sheedy and officer Tasha Tobias follows:

On 08/07 officer Tobias and Cpl. Sheedy with the Early Police Department responded to a disturbance at approximately 10 p.m. at a convenience store in 100 block of Early Boulevard regarding an elderly male wanting free gas and refusing to leave.

Officers on scene learned there was a strong language barrier and had difficulty communicating, but officers were able to learn he needed gas to go back home to Houston and didn’t have any money.

The officers paid for his gas and he left, but after a few minutes the officers noticed the man wasn’t going toward Houston and was driving slowly. Believing the man may be confused, they made contact with him again and became suspicious of his mental state.

Officers were able to obtain a phone number to a grandson in Killeen. The grandson stated the man lives in Sugarland outside of Houston but they didn’t know why he would be in Brown County and that he often gets confused.

An officer sat with the man until the family came and picked up the elderly man and returned him home safely.

Many stories like this are never heard these days but they happen all the time where officers make a huge difference with what they do. Officer Tasha Tobias and Corporal Michelle Sheedy both did an outstanding job handing this call and reuniting the man with his family.

Michelle Sheedy