Churches, businesses help May PTO buy school supplies

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Brownwood Bulletin
From left: North Lake Community Church pastor Ron Keener, May Elementary School principal Allison Williams, teacher facilitaror/special and federal programs coordinator Natalie Steele, May PTO president Frank Henderson, secondary school principal Nick Heupel and North Lake Community Church assistant pastor Russell Lemond are pictured outside the elementary school.

MAY — When the May PTO determined to provide school supplies to all of the students in the school district, the group isn’t bearing the $7,000 cost alone.

While the PTO spent its own funds to buy the supplies, businesses and churches are helping the group recoup the expense.

One of the churches is North Lake Community Church, which turns up often to provide funds, food, labor and other gifts to meet community needs.

“We have a $2,000 check from our people,” pastor Ron Keener, accompanied by assistant pastor Russell Lemond, told PTO president Frank Henderson recently outside May Elementary School.

Henderson was joined by elementary school principal Allison Williams, secondary school principal Nick Heupel and Natalie Steele, the district’s teacher facilitator/special and federal programs coordinator.

“We were wanting to do something significant to help everybody in the district, and what better way to do that than to provide school supplies,” Henderson said. “It’s been a personal goal of mine for many years to try to pull something like this off.”

Keener said he received a call from Henderson, who explained the PTO’s goal. “He began to share with me that the May PTO made a decision.”

After learning the PTO intended to underwrite $7,000 worth of school supplies, said, “that’s a big deal.”

North Lake Community Church seeks creative ministry opportunities and open doors, Keener said.

“So I said ‘OK we’ll commit $1,000,” Keener said. “In discussion with some of our leaders, we set a $1,250 goal. We started that July 12 and we went five Sundays. Our church in five Sundays raised $2,000 over and above everything else we do.”

“That’s awesome,” Henderson said.

Keener said the $2,000 check represented small gifts from many people.

Henderson said the PTO has received an additional $625 from other churches and business in the area.

Henderson said anyone wanting to contact him reach him by email at or find the May PTO on Facebook.