Brownwood library helping support census count

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Brownwood Bulletin
The Brownwood Public Library has received two grants to help support the census count.

The Brownwood Library has received two grants to help support getting a complete census count.

“I know that getting a complete census count is important to all of us, as it will affect the funding for our area and our state for the next 10 years,” library director Becky Isbell said via email.

Isbell said the library is offering the following incentives to those completing the census:

• They can enter to win $1,000 for one of five community partners who are helping get a more complete count. These nonprofits and churches all have connections with the “hard to count” populations. The participating partners are: Good Samaritan Ministries, Brown County Home Solutions, Strategic Alliance for Leadership and Social Action (SALSA), the May Volunteer Fire Department and St. Mary’s Cathoic Church.

• They can enter to personally win a $50 gift card for a Brown County business of their choice.

• They can enter to win a mega Lego pack if they count a child age 10 or under (“My first census”).

In order to qualify for the drawngs, they must:

• Complete the census at one of the drive-through census events sponsored by one of the five partners

• Complete the census at the library, the genealogy library or at one of the partners’ locations (not all partners are offering this)

• Complete the census at home, capture a screenshot and submit it here:

“If they’ve already completed the census, they are unfortunately not eligible to enter,” Isbell said. “We’re trying to get new people here.”

Isbell said the library has resources to offer for those doing census events.·

“We have been given a lot of posters, flyers, bookmarks, etc., to promote the census,“ Isbell said. ”We do not have space to put these all up and we need a home for them.“