Cub Scout recruiting rally set in Brownwood, Early

Staff Writer
Brownwood Bulletin

Ann Bass of Brownwood didn’t hesitate when asked if she’d recommend scouting to families with sons.

“Absolutely,” Bass said.

She’s had plenty of experience as a scout mom. Her father and three brothers were Eagle scouts, and she has three sons of her own in scouting: 8-year-old twins Calvin and Hobbes, who are Cub Scouts, and 15-year-old Aaron, who is a Boy Scout.

For families with sons in grades K-5, a Cub Scout recruiting rally will be held at two locations at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 15: First United Methodist Church in Brownwood, and First United Methodist Church in Early.

Brownwood is home to Cub Scout Pack 4, while Early is home to Pack 14.

Cub Scout leaders will be present to give information to parents. They’ll explain the calendar of events and activities planned throughout the year including campouts and pinewood derbies, Texas Trails Council Scout Executive Mark Conrad of Abilene said.

“Scouting is a great leadership program that teaches kids and makes them a better leader in life,” Conrad said.

Bass’ take on scouting: “at times t can be busy but it’s not overwhelming,” Bass said. “My boys really like it. They get to learn a lot of different things, a lot of cool things.

“If like to do outdoor stuff and learn new things and work as a team, at least give it a try. I would recommend it. My boys have loved it.“

Bass said when her oldest son was born, she said “of course we’re going to put him in scouting. We’ll let him decide if he wants to stay in it but he has taken off with it and he just loves it. When we had the twins, we bout them in it and they’ve loved it as well.”