Brownwood, Stephenville FCA plan friendly challenge

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Brownwood Bulletin
Brownwood Bulletin

During the Brownwood/Stephenville football game this Friday, Oct. 2, Brownwood FCA is challenging Stephenville FCA in a friendly fundraising competition.

Each school will be raising money through fan donations during the first half of the game. Fans can donate inside the gate at the game, or anytime during the week of the game.

All proceeds will go to the huddle for each school with one-half going to the school’s camp fund, and one-half going to the school’s huddle to pay for snacks and other thing needed through out the year.

This will be the sixth year for the fundraiser.

“It’s a friendly competition showing the schools can be rivals on the field, but united in Christ,” Brownwood Area FCA representative Kurt Newton said. “It’s fun for both schools and our local huddles really benefit financially from it. It’s a big fund raiser for our huddle.”

Brownwood High School’s FCA huddle meets on Monday evening.

“With athletes getting out of practice and coming straight to FCA, this gives us funds to feed them,” Newton said.

The funds also goes to help send FCA members to summer camps.

Both teams will meet on the field after the game to pray and the winner will be awarded the traveling plaque signifying victory for this year’s event, Newton said.