October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Brownwood Bulletin
The ARK Domestic Violence Shelter

The ARK Domestic Violence Shelter (The ARK) is inviting the public to take part in this year’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Each year October is set aside to honor the victims that have lost their lives to domestic violence, celebrate the progress survivors and advocates have made, and connect with the community to help end domestic violence. 

Throughout October, The ARK will be displaying the Empty Shoes Display as well as the Silent Witness Exhibit at local schools, courthouses, medical facilities and public places in the tri-county area. The displays honors local victims in Brown, Coleman and Comanche Counties that have lost their lives to domestic violence. These displays are a sobering reminder that domestic violence is happening here in our local area. It is a tragedy that each name and pair of shoes/silhouette represents a mother, sister, friend, and child that were taken by violence at the hands of someone they cared about. 

On Oct. 28, The ARK will have their annual Candlelight Vigil in the HPU Newman Hall at 6:00 pm. The Candlelight Vigil will feature a reading of all the Texas victims' names that lost their lives in 2019 as well as remembering the local victims from the tri-county area of Brown, Coleman, and Comanche. Bonnie Gosnell, a survivor of Domestic Violence, will be one of the guest speakers.  Other speakers will talk about Domestic Violence in our community and how The ARK and our community is responding to it. The Candlelight Vigil will end with the lighting of candles and a moment of silence to remember the victims.

In 2019, 185 intimate partner homicides occurred in 62 Texas Counties. October is the month to raise awareness of the impact of domestic violence by memorializing the lives lost. Please join The ARK on this date to remind each of us what we can personally do to help stop the violence. 

The ARK, along with local police, court officials, and community agencies, work together to make our communities safer and to end the violence that is happening in too many homes. They are reaching out to the community and asking for help to end this epidemic of violence. For more information about the services that The ARK provides or about National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, please contact The ARK at 325-643-2699.  You can also go online to www.arkshelter.org. Or check out our social media sites- Facebook: The Ark Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Shelter; Instagram: ark_brownwood