Opinion: 'True conservative's' response to opinion page columnist

Brownwood Bulletin
Opinion submission

A true conservative’s response to Michael Gerson’s editorial in the October 18th edition of the Brownwood Bulletin.

The chagrin of reading a twenty-five column-inch editorial from an individual that resides in Washington, and does not know whether he is a liberal or a conservative is disconcerting. I am not sure of the term “moderate” conservative, nor the justification of a liberal in disguise. The editorial does reveal, I fear, the intent of the Bulletin’s out-of-state domicile, and its subsequent interest in smaller rural conservative communities. The length of the editorial alone, when compared to the tokenism given to local news in Brownwood, as compared to former locally owned publications, signals concern. It does not seem farfetched to conclude the present owners of the Bulletin may be more interested in the political opportunity than even financial gain. The newspaper now is a mere shadow of what it was prior to the present ownership. It appears Brownwood has lost our local voice to a scripted liberal agenda.

Don Ramsey is a Brown County resident