Local COVID total cases approaches 1,500 as of Wednesday

Steve Nash / Brownwood Bulletin
The Brownwood/Brown County Health Department had received 1,494 positive COVID test results as of Wednesday morning.

The Brownwood/Brown County Health Department received 68 positive COVID-19 test results Wednesday, bringing the total number of positive test results to 1,494.

There were two additional deaths reported Tuesday, bringing the total number of COVID deaths to 38 as of Thursday morning.

The two deaths involved a male in his 40s and a male in his 80s, health administrator Lisa Dick said.

Additionally there were 41 negatives and 11 recoveries and 0 deaths. 

Brown County Judge Paul Lilly said earlier he will be meeting with the local mayors Friday or Monday to discuss COVID.

Shutting down the economy “is not on my radar,” Lilly posted on his Facebook page last week. “It would accomplish very little if anything. Know in advance that we can’t please everyone, but we will make the best decisions that we can,” Lilly posted.