City, hospital release joint statement on vaccine

Special to the Bulletin
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The Brownwood/Brown County Health Department and Hendrick Medical Center are receiving an onslaught of calls from the public requesting the COVID vaccine, the City of Brownwood and Hendrick Medical Center — Brownwood said in a joint press Thursday.

The Brownwood/Brown County Health Department has been notified by the State that they will be receiving vaccines, but no timeline has been given on when the Health Department will receive the vaccines. Several local pharmacies are registered to provide the vaccine, but when they will receive them and how much is not yet known.

Health Department Administrator Lisa Dick stated that all providers who have been registered to give the vaccine must follow the allocation schedule established by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). This tiered schedule is designed to prioritize healthcare workers, emergency responders, residents of long-term care facilities, people over the age of 65, and people with chronic medical conditions. “With a limited amount of vaccines shipped at a time, the roll-out will likely be in waves and take several months to distribute,” Dick said. 

According to Krista Baty, Chief Administrative Officer for Hendrick Medical Center Brownwood, Hendrick has already administered its allotment of COVID-19 vaccine that was shipped to them last week. 

“We anticipate receiving additional vaccines, but we do not have an expected arrival date,” said Baty. 

The Health Department will notify the public via the local media and their respective websites and social media channels when they have vaccines to provide to Brown County residents. 

There are no lists for people to be placed on to receive the vaccine. The Health Department and Hendrick both ask the public not to call to request the vaccine or ask to be put on a waiting list. 

“We simply do not have the personnel to answer all the calls we are getting about the vaccine and handle the surge in COVID-19 cases that we are responsible to track and monitor,” Dick said. “I assure you, as soon as we know when we can provide the vaccine and the target group who may receive it, we will get it out to the public.”

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine and the distribution schedule, visit and click on the Vaccine Information link to DSHS.