A Brownwood man at a senior center couldn't go to the fair, so family took the fair to him

After missing the youth fair, nursing home resident treated to special showing of steer

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Sanchez brothers Ethan (left) and Corey) stand near Garner "Dooder" and Sammie McClatchy outside the Senior Care of Brownwood nursing home.
Ethan Sanchez walks with his prize-winning steer at the Brown Count Youth Fair.

BROWNWOOD — Garner “Dooder” McClatchy wasn’t able to attend the Brown County Youth Fair earlier this month. It was the first time in — who can say how many years — that McClatchy, an 88-year-old resident of the Senior Care of Brownwood nursing home, had missed the fair.

McClatchy family friends Corey and Ethan Sanchez, who are brothers, and other Sanchez family members took part of the fair to him.

On the afternoon of Jan. 16, 2021 — right after Ethan Sanchez's prize wining steer had sold at the youth fair's Premium Sale — McClatchy sat next to his wife, Sammie, and watched as Ethan walked the steer around the parking lot of the Senior Care building.

The Sanchez family heard about McClatchy missing the youth fair, and decided to load the steer into a stock trailer after the Premium Sale and drive to the Senior Care facility.

A close relative said the family had pre-arranged the event with the nursing home.

“They had Sammie and Dooder out under the drive-through portico,” said Buddy Gieb, the McClatchys’ son-in-law. “Ethan and Corey and his wife, and Mr. Sanchez and his wife, all showed up and pulled the stock trailer right in underneath the portico.

“It’s very special,” said Holly Gieb, McClatchy's daughter. “They’ve been close for a long time. Dad watched (Ethan) grow up and followed all his sporting stuff, too. Just a special occasion.” 

A day earlier, Ethan had shown the animal at the youth fair, earning the Bangs High School senior and standout athlete the award of Market Steer Reserve Grand Champion.

Ranch owner Brad Davis knows the Sanchez family well. Corey Sanchez has worked as manager of the Davis ranch for 3 1/2 years. Corey's younger brother Ethan works there part-time.

“These two young men made arrangements to take the steer to the nursing home so Dooder could see it,” Davis stated via email. “His family was so thankful. These are two incredible young men and I’m so blessed to know them, and even more blessed that they work for me.”

Holly said her father grew up showing animals, and that McClatchy and Corey Sanchez had become good friends while Corey attended Texas A&M University.

Gieb said her father watched Ethan show his animals for years at the youth fair. The 2021 youth fair marked the first time McClatchy missed seeing it in person.

“They still had (the steer) on his lead, got him out and (Ethan) walked him around and just kind of showed him to Dooder, like he was showing," Buddy said. "Some of the staff came out. Of course they asked Dooder’s opinion of him. You could see him smiling behind his mask. It was really a special moment.”