COVID vaccination clinic for 400 set at Depot

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
More than 600 COVID vaccinations were dispensed at a drive-through clinic last Wednesday at Gordon Wood Stadium. A 400-dose clinic has been scheduled for Wednesday at the Depot Civic and Cultural Center.

A 400-dose COVID vaccination clinic has been scheduled for Wednesday at the Depot Civic and Cultural Center, Brownwood/Brown County Health Administrator Lisa Dick told commissioners court Monday.

Dick also said the number of Brownwood hospitalizations for COVID had fallen to eight as of Monday morning, with 126 active cases in the county. On Friday, there were 12 COVID patients in the Brownwood hospital.

The health department and Hendrick Medical Center Brownwood are partnering to put on the Wednesday clinic and will schedule appointments for people who have signed up on the health department’s list, Dick told commissioners.

“Right now we are doing (age) 65 and above that have health conditions, 65 and above in general and then those all the way down to age 16 that have a certain list of health conditions,” Dick said.

Brown County has received a total of 2,100 vaccines and all of those have been given, including more than 600 at a drive-through clinic last Wednesday at Gordon Wood Stadium, Dick told commissioners.

“There is no stipulation on what county you live in to provide those vaccines,” Dick said. “They are provided by the state, and 1,863 of those vaccines were provided to Brown County citizens, which is just over 6 percent of our population.”

She said the the distribution from the state is supposed to be based on population, Dick told commissioners.

“But we can look at our surrounding counties and see that that distribution is not exactly accurate,” Dick said. “Smaller population counties have received almost as many vaccines in our area.

“We have asked all the places that we know to ask if we can receive more vaccines and if we can become a vaccination hub, as we’re the central location for several counties that surround us.”

Health officials continue to take the two-fold approach of vaccinations and prevention, Dick told the court.

Brown County has had a total of 3,862 positive cases in the county and that is a rate of about 10 percent of those that were tested, Dick said.

In another COVID-related matter, county grant coordinator Bob Contreras told commissioners the county received a COVID relief Friday for $566,192, bringing the total for that fund to $707,740.