J.B. Stephens Elementary students treated to read-a-thon

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Bangs High School sophomore T.J. Butler reads "Bears on Wheels" to a class of third-grade students at J.B. Stephens Elementary School Friday morning.

BANGS — Standing in a hallway at J.B. Stephens Elementary School, high school sophomore J.B. Butler — sporting a cartoonish-like bear mask and colorful hat —  leafed through the pages of the Berenstain Bears children's book, "Bears on Wheels."

Butler had just finished reading the book to a third-grade class, and he explained he was portraying the character of "one of the bears." After turning several pages, Butler found an illustration of a friendly looking plantigrade wearing a hat just like Butler's.

Administrators, staff and high school students including Butler — many of them wearing costumes and props to match thee books they carried — roamed from class to class Friday, reading short children's books to the elementary school students.

The read-a-thon was in honor of the March 2 birthday of children's author Dr. Seuss. 

Bangs ISD superintendent Dr. Josh Martin and his wife, Amber, who works as the high school registrar, Athletic Director Kyle Maxfield, coach Matt Gholston, school counselor Lanell Parson, elementary school principal Candace Wilson and high school principal Rick Cardin were among the group of about a dozen readers.

Cardin's "Farmer Brown," whose wardrobe included overalls and a straw hat, read from a book that featured cows who want Farmer Brown to provide them with electric blankets.

Theatre students included Caedman Tidwell, whose features were obscured by an enormous mane of white hair and white beard. The props didn't represent a specific character, Tidwell said, explaining he was "a guy with a ton of hair."

“We do this to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday and to promote the fun of reading," Wilson said. “We just literally read all day. We just want them to see that adults love to read. People that work with them love to read."