700-dose COVID vaccination clinic held Tuesday at Gordon Wood Stadium

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
COVID vaccine

A daylong 700-dose, drive-through COVID vaccination clinic was under way Tuesday at Gordon Wood Stadium.

The clinic was the third one jointly hosted by the Brownwood/Brown County Health Department and Hendrick Medical Center — Brownwood.

The vaccinations included 200 that had been scheduled for last week but were delayed because of the winter storm, Health Administrator Lisa Dick told commissioners court members Monday. The vaccinations were for those receiving the first of the two-dose vaccinations.

The health department and hospital hosted a first-dose allocation on Feb. 3, and those who were vaccinated that day were first eligible to receive their second doses on March 3, Dick told commissioners. Vaccinations for a second-dose clinic have not been scheduled to arrive in Brown County.

“A lot of things are continuing to be delayed because of the weather that we recently had,” Dick said. “So there is a safe time frame time that you can receive those vaccines. We’ve been receiving lots of questions at the health department. It doesn’t have to be just on that day. We want that done within six weeks of receiving that first dose, so we’re still in a good time spot.

“You don’t need to be concerned about it yet, and we know that we are getting it. What that second dose is doing is giving your immunity a second boost. With the Moderna vaccine it should bring you up to 85 percent with the first dose and the second dose is  bringing you to around 95 percent.”

Before Tuesday’s clinic, 2,875 Brown County residents had received their first doses, and 1,183 had received their second doses of the vaccine, Dick told commissioners.

She said there were 62 new COVID cases reported last week in Brown County, and there were 112 active cases in the county as of Monday.

Two COVID patients were hospitalized in Brownwood as of Monday, the Hendrick Health Facebook page states.

In other COVID-related matters:

• The National Guard and Texas Department of Emergency Management will be partnering to bring 100 doses to homebound residents.

• Dick told commissioners there have been repeat cases of COVID in Brown County residents. “So we know you don’t receive total immunity (after) getting the disease,” she said.

* Commissioners approved a $51,000 supplemental budget for the health department for vaccine-related labor costs for the months of March and April. The county and cities are being asked to help pay the expenses based on the populations of the entities. The actual vaccines are being paid for by federal funds, Dick said.