Format set for public meeting on solar farm project

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Solar energy

Brown County Precinct 1 Commissioner Gary Worley announced the format of the public information meeting set for Wednesday night on the proposed IP Radian solar farm project near Brookesmith.

The meeting, which is referred to as an informational workshop on the commissioner court's agenda, will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Adams Street Community Center.

The two topics for public comment are:

• Creating a reinvestment zone for IP Radian Solar Farm.

• Entering into a   tax abatement agreement with IP Radian for a solar farm.

"This meeting is intended for the commissioners court to receive comment from the public, and to provide information to the public, regarding the application of IP Radian to develop a solar project in Brown County," the agenda states. "There will be no action taken."

The format, according to an email from Worley, will be:

• Introduction — 10 minutes

• Project proposal — 10 minutes

• Pro (for) — 40 minutes

• Con (against) — 40 minutes

• Closing — 20 minutes

• Any questions about the reinvestment zone or tax abatement should be submitted in writing and will be answered by the consultant for Brown County, Robert Bass of Allison, Bass & Magee, LLP, at the closing.

• The rules of procedure, conduct and decorum will be followed.

• Each speaker shall fill out a public participation form.

• IP Radian will have 10 minutes to present their project proposal.

• Each opposing view will have 40 minutes (total) to express their view point.

• Each side will divide their 40 minutes among themselves and will be timed by the court.