Congressman August Pfluger: Working to bring Trevor Reed home

Brownwood Bulletin
August Pfluger

Imagine: your son—an Eagle Scout and Marine Veteran visits Russia for summer vacation and is detained by the police. When the Russians find out he is a U.S. Marine, they fabricate false allegations and hold him in a prison camp for over a year before sentencing him to nine additional more years in jail.

This isn't imaginary for Paula and Joey Reed; this is a real-life nightmare.

Trevor Reed is an eighth generation Texan who stands to spend a decade of his life in a Russian prison for crimes he did not commit. Trevor was detained for public intoxication, but when they discovered he was a U.S. Marine and a member of the “Marine Presidential Guard,” they upped the charges and accused Trevor of endangering a police officer.

The lack of evidence brought forth by the regime was so ridiculous the Russian judge erupted in laughter in the court room during the trial. John Sullivan, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, described the trial as “a theatre for the absurd” and said justice was not even considered in the case.

Trevor has now spent over 600 days in a Russian prison. Spending even one day more is a further insult to due process, justice, and fairness.

I’m leading the charge in Congress to bring Trevor home.

In the House, Michael McCaul and I introduced a resolution detailing the injustices of the sentencing and process, and calling for the Russian Government to immediately release Trevor.

Our message and resolution are simple: the United States will not tolerate an American citizen being held by the Putin Regime as a political pawn.

I also had the opportunity to press Secretary of State Blinken about his commitment to bringing Trevor home. He assured me that he is committed to working with his highest counterparts in the Russian government to end this political charade.

Paula and Joey Reed are doing everything they can to bring awareness to Trevor’s case, and I am proud to join them in banging the drum and making sure their son is not forgotten.

Recently, I was joined by Senator John Cornyn, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Foreign Affairs Committee Republican Leader Michael McCaul, and Trevor’s parents for a press conference calling attention to his story and demanding the immediate release of Trevor.

Texas and the entire United States stand with Trevor Reed. I am sending the message to President Putin that we will not be bullied, intimidated, or ignored. I will not stop until justice is restored and Trevor is reunited with his family.

Free Trevor Reed.