Heritage Funeral Homes expands into Brownwood with Davis-Morris purchase

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Heritage Funeral Homes owners Dr. Jason Fulton and Dr. James Mercer are pictured with staff of Heritage Funeral Home Davis-Morris Chapel. From left are Shane Mercer, Benny Allcorn, Jason Fulton, Clarine Kellam, James Mercer, Teresa Doyal and Shannon Eggleston. Not pictured: Bob McKnight, Ron Davis, Zach Sustatia and Aubrey Bucholz.

Heritage Funeral Homes, which serves the communities of Brady, Menard, San Saba and Lampasas, has expanded into Brownwood with its recent purchase of the Davis-Morris Funeral Home.

The nearly-century-old Brownwood funeral home at 800 Center will operate as Heritage Funeral Home Davis Morris Chapel.

The sale was completed last week.

Heritage Funeral Homes is owned by longtime friends Dr. Jason Fulton, who has a doctorate in business, and Dr. James Mercer, who is a psychologist.

“We actually closed (April 14) and we are here and operating,” Fulton said. “We’re still servicing all of Davis-Morris’ clients so nothing has changed there. We’re bringing the same service that we’ve been bringing to our other communities and we’re expanding that to Brownwood.”

Fulton said Heritage wants to provide a great service at affordable prices and “give everything we have to offer for every family.” 

Heritage believes all families should be treated the same “regardless of what they can afford,” Fulton said.

Fulton and Mercer are already familiar with Brown County, as they both served apprenticeships at the Heartland Funeral Home in Early in the early 2000’s.

“I started out working at a funeral home when I was 14 years old in New Mexico,” Fulton said. “It was always what I wanted to do.”

Fulton said he earned his doctorate in business after he “just kept going to school. I needed my master’s degree for a project that I was working on. It wasn’t that much longer to get the doctorate, so I just went for it.”

Mercer said he was born and raised in Lampposts and was in and out of foster care.

“There was a funeral home in town, and I needed money to  help provide food and things that normal kids wouldn’t have to worry about,” Mercer said. “I was allotted an opportunity to cut grass and to clean, and I did. I showed up religiously every day, and that was my safe haven.

“Through that time I fell in love with the (funeral) industry and wanted to become a funeral director. God says take care of the widows and the orphans. And so I wanted to take care of the  widows and widowers, and I also knew that I wanted to become a doctor to open up an adoption agency. So I have Lodestar Social Services in addition to the funeral homes, to take care of the orphans, and we help thousands of children find their forever home through foster care and adoption. So it’s kind of full circle.”

Mercer said he’s watched funeral prices increase and push families into choosing cremation because of those prices. Mercer echoed Fulton’s statement that the owners want to provide services at affordable prices.

“Brownwood has always been on my radar to come back and take care of this community,” Mercer said. “To have Davis-Morris — it’s a blessing.”

He said the funeral home’s charge for a funeral is $3,995. That cost does not cover outside charges such as the cemetery, publications of obituaries and death certificates.