Infanticide should not be a partisan issue

Brownwood Bulletin
August Pfluger

Congressman August Pfluger represents the 11th District of Texas. 

One of my main priorities in Congress is upholding the inherent dignity of life. Recently, Democrats have signaled their intent to override the consciences of millions of Americans who believe every child has the right to life.

Republicans are sending the message to Democrat leadership that we will not stop fighting for the right to life and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Last week, I signed a discharge petition to bring H.R. 619, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, up for a vote. This legislation would protect the lives of babies born-alive during an abortion by requiring health care professionals who are present at the live birth to immediately step in and act to preserve the life and health of the child.

Speaker Pelosi refuses to bring this important legislation to the House Floor, but if the petition gets 218 signatures, we will circumvent her power and force it to a vote. This means we need 5 Democrats to break ranks and sign with Republicans. So far, not a single one has had the courage to step forward.

Leaving a baby born-alive during an abortion to die is not a partisan issue—it is infanticide. The Democrats’ refusal to place protections for children who survive abortions is not only utterly tragic—it is morally and ethically wrong.

Every child deserves the opportunity to live out their God-given destiny.

I have remained committed to supporting and advancing pro-life policies throughout my time in Congress. So far, I have co-sponsored seven pro-life bills and signed onto two letters declaring my support for protecting life, including the ‘Save Hyde’ letter which was signed by nearly 200 Republican lawmakers.

The Hyde Amendment is a bipartisan effort to protect and defend unborn life and prevent taxpayer dollars from going towards abortions. This provision was codified into law in 1976, and has had the support of every sitting president since Jimmy Carter—until now. Sadly, Democrats have reversed course, and are threatening to wield their control to overturn this important provision.

I will do everything in my power to ensure provisions such as the Hyde Amendment are not weakened or eliminated, and that protections remain in place for the innocent.

All life is sacred, and Americans deserve to know if their legislators support protecting life after birth. I am proud to stand up for the sanctity of life, and I am calling on all of my colleagues to imme