Flood Awareness Week is May 24-28

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Flood Awareness Week

Rain continues for many parts of Texas and the Texas Floodplains Management Association (TFMA) wants to remind people to be safe and Turn Around Don’t Drown.

Texas Flood Awareness Week is from Monday, May 24 through Friday, May 28.

The goal of TFMA is to prepare and make communities aware about the dangers of flooding. TFMA encouraged its members to promote flood safety and flood awareness by participating next week with its #floodprep21 campaign, along with “Wear Blue Wednesday” scheduled for May 26 and the #Iwearblue Selfie Campaign.

TFMA members are encouraged to take a selfie in their blue gear on Wednesday, May 26 and tag the photo. Tell why you wear blue and post your selfies with your reasons by tagging your colleagues, friends and neighbors in your post “Hi @_______, I wear blue to .....” For example: “Hi @TexasCFM, I wear blue to promote flood safety."

Don’t forget to tag TFMA on Twitter @TexasCFM and on Facebook @TXFMA. Consider compiling video clips of your co-workers or friends with their #Iwearblue statements. Create a mini-post card with you and your pet wearing blue.

Get creative and post, but be sure to tag your posts with #Iwearblue, #floodprep21 and others such as #txflood or #txfloodweek. Members are encouraged to stay engaged by replying, liking, and/or retweeting their favorites, or just email your #Iwearblue selfies to TFMA@tfma.org.

In addition, every day of the week you’ll receive an email with the tip of the day in a format you can use to distribute to your communities or post in your office bulletin boards. TFMA will also be highlighting other resources for your use throughout the year. Floods happen, so let's do our part to promote flood awareness and remind our communities to respect the power of water! Join TFMA's #Iwearblue campaign.