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Nick Gonzales


May                31 – Extension Office Closed for Memorial Day

June                 7-11 – State 4-H Roundup College Station, Tx

                        8 – Recordbooks Due for County Review and Categories

                        15 – Deadline to Register for Multi – County Camp

                        15 – Deadline to RSVP for Junior/Intermediate Fashion Show

                        15 – D-7 4-H Horse Show, San Angelo, Texas

23 – 25 – D-7 4-H Leadership Lab, Texas 4-H Conference Center, Lake Brownwood

                        28 – State Steer/Heifer Validation 9:00am – 11:00am at Bob Clarks Pens

                        29 – State Fair Lamb & Goat Validation 9:00am at the Extension Office

                        29 – Recordbooks Due to the Extension Office – Final Copy


The 4-H checks for the Brown County Youth Fair are available for you to pick up at the Brown County Extension Office during our office hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm closed 12:00pm – 1:00pm for lunch Monday – Thursday and Friday 8:30am – 12:00pm.  A thank you letter should be written to each buyer who contributed towards your project. Make sure that it is stamped and addressed and turned in to the Extension Office! You will not receive your check until we receive your thank you letters. Handwritten “thank you” letters are best but, depending on your personality and penmanship a typed letter can also be appropriate. Thank each person individually, don’t try and thank a group of people in one letter. PLEASE NOTE THAT CHECKS ARE ONLY VALID FOR 90 DAYS.


It is that time to start putting your record book together. If you are planning on putting a record book together here is the website to find the forms and other information you may need for your record book

Due Dates:

·      June 8th – Must submit recordbook for county review and categories

·      June 29th – Final due date to submit recordbooks

If you are a senior age 4-Her that is planning to apply for Gold Star you must submit a recordbook.

If you need assistance, training material or have any questions contact Nick Gonzales at the Extension Office.


Brown County 4-H and the Healthy County Program are partnering for Walk Across Texas and Wellness League. This is a great opportunity to get moving and challenge yourself and family!

Get 8 people (friends, family, or teammates) to form a team and walk 832 miles in 8 weeks.

This is being sponsored by Brown County 4-H and Healthy County Program.

We will have prizes for teams. If you are interested in joining contact Nick Gonzales or Courtney Parrott at 325-646-0386.

4-H MULTI COUNTY CAMP! July 7th – 9th

Brown County 4-H will be attending the Multi County Camp in Brady, TX. This is a great opportunity, and it will be a blast.

Date: July 7th – 9th, 2021; Place: Heart of Texas Bible Camp, Brady, TX;  Registration Deadline: Monday, June 22, 2021 (Only 14 participants, from Brown County, can participate. It will be a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.)

Times: Begins: Wednesday, July 7th at 3:00 pm Ends: Friday, July 9th at 9:00 am;  Cost: $60.00 per person, $55.00 per person if more than one per family participates.

Ages: Junior & Intermediate age 4-H members for the 2020-2021 4-H year. Senior Members may attend only as Teen Leaders with Agent approval.

To sign up for County Camp come by or contact the Extension Office by June 15th for registration forms. Remember this is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis and spots are limited so please do not wait for the deadline to sign up! If you have any questions, contact Nick Gonzales.


The Texas 4-H Conference Center is looking for teen counselors to assist with their camping programs this summer. They will be provided with room and board during the weeks they volunteer. This is a great leadership opportunity for senior level 4-H members. Teens will be trained and will work directly with Texas 4-H Conference Center staff to assist with our programming and supervision of youth campers. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the Extension Office.

4-H Clothing & Textiles Project Opportunities:

Springtime involves many 4-H projects to include Clothing & Textiles.  The fashion show includes construction and buying divisions.  There is also the Fashion Story Board contest and Duds to Dazzle contest.  The Duds to Dazzle contest is patterned after the Food Challenge.  It is a team event where teams of up to 5 members have 1 hour to turn a “dud” into a “dazzle” with a sewing kit and a furnished supply closet. Design categories are wearable, accessory/jewelry and non-wearable. The team is also responsible for giving a 5-minute presentation to a panel of judges.

Contest dates for fashion show, fashion story board and Duds to Dazzle are as follows:

Fashion Show & Fashion Story Board for junior & intermediate age division – July 13th in Burnet, Texas.

If you are interested in participating in any of the 4-H Clothing & Textiles Project Opportunities, please contact Courtney Parrott or Nick Gonzales at the Extension Office.


The District 7 Junior/Intermediate Fashion Show is set for Tuesday July 13, 2021, in Brady, Texas. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Extension Office by June 15th. For more information contact Courtney Parrott at the Extension Office.


If you are planning on exhibiting a steer at the Brown County Youth Fair or a State Show it is mandatory that the steer is validated. If you are planning on showing a heifer at any fall shows and has not been validated, you will need to have it at validation. Steer/Heifer validation will be on June 28, 2021 9:00am – 11:00am (MUST BE IN LINE BY 11:00am) at Bob Clarks pens. If you have any questions, contact the Extension Office.


If you are exhibiting a lamb and/or goat at the State Fair, there will be validation on June 29th 9:00m at the Extension Office. You must have purchased a tag to validate. If you have any questions, contact the Extension Office.


4-H and FFA members and calves will be darting every direction at the Earl Q Wilson arena during the Brown County Rodeo when youngsters will chase and attempt to catch and halter a calf. This will sure become one of the most chaotic and favorite events at the rodeo. The winners will return to the Brown County Fair as an exhibitor with a project they purchase with funds from their prize voucher.

The Brown County Fair Association is excited to add a new event to the rodeo, the Calf Scramble for Brown County high school age students that will be participating in the 2022 Brown County Youth Fair. The participant must be an incoming Freshman through incoming senior for the school year 2021-2022. There is no cost to participate. The top six participants from Thursday night and Friday night will compete Saturday for two $500 vouchers to be used toward a project at the 2022 Brown County Youth Fair.

The High School Age Calf Scramble sign up link is


An important part in selecting your market livestock is to know who will be judging the major stock show you will be participating in. Below is a list of judges for the 2020 – 2021 major stock shows:

2021 State Fair of Texas

Youth Market Steers Chris Mullinix Manhattan, KS

Youth Market Barrows Troy Sloan Cameron, MS

Youth Market Lambs Brent Jennings Kenley, NC

Youth Market Goats Spencer Scotten El Reno, OK

2022 Fort Worth Stock Show

Steers, Barrows, Wether Lambs and Weather Goats TBA

2022 San Angelo Stock Show

Steers Chad Coburn Sterling City, TX

Barrows David Korb Oxford, OH

Wether Lambs Dr. Scott Schaake Westmoreland, KS

Wether Goats Brandon Morgan Blanchard, OK

2022 San Antonio Stock Show

Steers Shane Bedwell Holt, MO

Associate Steer Judge TBA

Barrows Brian Arnold Lafayette, IN

Maverick Squires Dover, OK

Wether Lambs Todd Wise Keenesburg, CO

Wether Goats Brent Jennings Kenly, NC

2022 Houston Livestock Show

Steers Jirl Buck Madill, OK

Barrows AJ Genter Archbold, OH

Austin Thompson Indiana

Wether Lambs Jimmy Davis Walters, OK

Wether Goats Cody Sloan Cameron, MS

2022 Rodeo Austin

Steers, Barrows, Wether Lambs, Wether Goats TBS


The enrollment process for the 2020-2021 4-H year began August 15, 2020. All 4-H families, new and returning, are encouraged to log in and enroll to become an official 4-H member.

As you begin your enrollment for the year, here are some tips in using 4-H CONNECT:

•       If you already have a profile DO NOT create another one!

•       If you lost your email and password call the county office so we can reset, it for you.

•       An active membership will not be granted until the $25.00 participation fee is paid on 4-H   Connect!

•       You cannot register or participate in an event until your profile is ACTIVE.

•       When you are doing your re-enrollment for the 2020-2021 4-H Year please make sure you update your address, phone number, and e-mail address.

•       For any youth who is joining 4-H in 2020-2021 for the first time as a 3rd grader we ask for you NOT TO ENROLL until September 1st.  September 1st is actual first day of the new 4-H year and what is used to calculate grade/age.  If a 2nd grader moving into 3rd grade enrolls before September 1st it will “tag” them as a Clover Kid, not charge an enrollment fee and lock them in as a Clover Kid for the year.

If you experience issues trying to enroll in 4-H currently, we recommend that you wait until September 1st. The system has been updated and currently has issues.

Don’t wait until the last minute to enroll because after October 31 the cost increases to $30.