Donated ambulance finds 'new life' at Brown County Emergency Management Chaplain Services

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
From left, Rick Phelps, Josh Chapman, Harold Hogan and Darrell Johnston are pictured with the vehicle previously used as an ambulance that American Medical Response donated to the Brown County Emergency Management Chaplain Services.

A vehicle formerly used as an ambulance is finding new life with the 15-month-old Brown County Emergency Management Chaplain Services.

American Medical Response, the parent company of Lifeguard Ambulance, donated the vehicle to the chaplaincy services Tuesday. Senior chaplain Rick Phelps said the vehicle will be used “like a mobile command center for helping people, especially families that are displaced from tornadoes, fires, floods, or if there’s a massive car accident.

“There are about six or seven different places to sit. We’re going to stock it with basic needs like bottled water, diapers, especially, if we’ve got a family with kids that’s been displaced or anything like that," Phelps said.

Phelps said the vehicle can be used to transport displaced people to locations such as relatives’ homes or hotels.

Josh Chapman, operations manager for Lifeguard Ambulance in Brownwood, drove the vehicle to the Brown County Courthouse and turned it over to Phelps, Brown County Emergency Management Coordinator Darrell Johnston and chaplain Harold Hogan, who also serves as Precinct 2 justice of the peace. 

Chapman said he was not familiar with the vehicle’s history. 

“I just know it was sent to our fleet up in Mineral Wells,” Chapman said. “They did some work on it  to make sure it was safe to be run.”

Brown County Judge Paul Lilly introduced the Brown County Emergency Management Chaplain Services in March 2020.

Chaplains with the service will not self-deploy to disaster scenes but will go only at the request of first responders, Phelps said.