Mary Murray, Amber Evans are Brownwood ISD teachers of the year

Special to the Bulletin
Mary Murray

The Brownwood school district named Northwest Elementary School teacher Mary Murray as the district’s elementary teacher of the year for the 2020-21 school year, and Brownwood Middle School teacher Amber Evans as secondary teacher of the year.

Murray and Evans were among Brownwood school district employees who were honored at the end-of-year awards assembly. 

The two will represent the district as regional teacher of the year nominees.

Brownwood Middle School  teaching assistant Glenda Cotton was named paraprofessional of the year.

Amber Evans

Also awarded were:

Woodland Heights Elementary

  • Distinguished Teacher of the Year — Angela Bishop (third grade)
  • Rising Star Teacher of the Year — Jennifer Angel (All Level Life Academics)
  • Service — Christy Couch (five years), Laura Whiteley (five years),  Elvia Ibarra (10 years), Laura Stewardson (10 years), Elsa Sanchez-Bastardo (15 years),  Helen Lacy (15 Years)
  • Retirees — Kathy Blake (38 years)

Northwest Elementary/Head Start

  • Distinguished Teacher of the Year: — Mary Murray (K-3 rd RTI) 
  • Rising Star Teacher of the Year: Cara Helzer (Kindergarten Teacher)
  • Special Education Professional of the Year — Kimara Wilson (Speech Therapy)
  • Service — Janet Nash, Northwest (15 years), Jessica Benson, Head Start (five years) Lisa Mendoza, Head Start (15 years)
  • Retirees — Billy Taylor (22 years)

East Elementary 

  • Distinguished Teacher of the Year — Natasha Brown (third grade math)
  • Rising Star Teacher of the Year — Jason Adams (third grade ELA)
  • Service — Stacy Aguerro (five years), Chelsea Garcia (five years),  Erin Pennington (10 years), Kimberly Harvey (15 years), Reagan Williams (15 years)
  • Volunteer of The Year — Sloan Clark

Coggin Intermediate School

  • Distinguished Teacher of the Year — Kristi Maninger (fourth  grade reading)
  • Rising Star Teacher of the Year — Danielle Rose (sixth grade science)
  • Service — Jana Long (five years), Stephanie Maxfield (five years), Micah Ripley (10 years), Brandon Brown (15 years), Theresa Mosqueda (30 years)
  • Retirees — John Kliebenstein (seven years), Brenda Jones (11 years), Kristi Maninger (22 years), Debra Thomas (22 years)

Brownwood Middle School

  • Distinguished Teacher of the Year — Amber Evans (seventh grade math) 
  • Rising Star Teacher of the Year — Megan Cisneroz (Team Leadership)
  • Para-Professional of The Year: Glenda Cotton (Teaching Assistant) • Custodial Employee of The Year — Sylvia Flores
  • Service — Veronica Ballenger (five years), Emily Wilson (five years),  Tonya Kinzler (20 years), Starla Tedford (20 years)
  • Retirees —Jennifer Evetts (nine years),  Kristi Sharpe (28 Years) • Volunteer of The Year — Kaylee Wolf

Brownwood High School

  • Distinguished Teacher of the Year  — Terri Stephens (Algebra 2, OnRamps)
  • Rising Star Teacher of the Year — Cherita Munguia (Ninth Grade English)
  • Retirees — Rose Hernandez (four  years)
  • Service — Kerri Castaneda (five years), Ashley Cross (five years), Cynthia Clayton (five years), Blanca LaFuenta Martinez (five years), Brittany Martin (five years), Casandra Reiger (five years), Bryan Clark (10 years), Heather Nix (10 years), Kimberly Ellis (15 years),  Helen Lacy (15 years),  Jessica Morgan (15 years), Gloria Salazar (15 years),  Stacee Hetzel (20 years),  Kimberly Van Huss (20 years), Thresea Williams (35 years)

Brownwood ISD Central Support Center and Departmental

  • Maintenance Employee of the Year — Cody Brightman 
  • Grounds Employee of the Year — Devante Stredic
  • Transportation Employee of the Year (All Aboard) — Dago Venegas
  • Food Service Employee of the Year (SFE): Corina Wilson
  • Service — Charles Musgrove (10 years), Michelle White (10 years), Sandra Vara (10 years), Mark Stanley (10 years),  Blanca Hardy (10 years),  Cindi Caraway (10 years),  Nereida Ceniceros (15 years), Gustavo Lombrana (five years)