Henry 'Tic' Lindley named Brown County Rodeo honoree

Special to the Bulletin
Henry 'Tic' Lindley

The Brown County Fair Association named Henry “Tic” Lindley, who died on July 2, 2020 at age 74, as the 57th Brown County Rodeo honoree.

Lindley, of May, began his involvement with the Brown County Fair Association in the early 1980s and looked forward to helping his close friend Jerry Pittman every year in youth fair concessions, He was "the go-to-guy when they were running short on supplies, the fair association stated on its Facebook page.

Lindley loved all the volunteers he worked with at the fair, and he mentioned them frequently as 'his family.' He was a two-time board member starting in 2013. Lindley loved being a part of the team and supporting local youth through the fair association.

"You will remember Tic's involvement at the rodeo," the fair association stated on its Facebook page. "He drove the barrel truck for years and he loved to rev it up and do donuts in the arena. One year he even broke out the back window on a brand new Dodge Ram pickup."

Lindley, a May High School graduate, served in the Marines and was awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded in combat in Vietnam.

Lindley's family, including his daughter Mandi Froid, was at the rodeo to represent him.