Education 'just called out to me,' Brownwood teacher says after first year at alma mater

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Brooklyn Britton-Longabaugh (left) helps lead cheers at mini-cheer camp Wednesday at the Brownwood High School gym.

If Brooklyn Britton-Longabaugh had decided to enter law, it would have been understandable. That is, after all, her father’s profession.

Britton-Longabaugh — who was known as Brooklyn Britton during her stellar theatre career earlier in life — did consider law, saying she took a couple of classes at Howard Payne University that “kind of centered around that since that.”

But Britton-Longabaugh decided to become an educator, and the 23-year-old just completed her first year teaching AP history, psychology and sociology at Brownwood High School, her alma mater. Last year, she married her high school sweetheart, Reid Longabaugh.

“I come from a long line of educators so I swore I never would do education, but it just called out to me and I absolutely loved it,” Britton-Longabaugh, the daughter of Shane and Paige Britton said in an interview at Brownwood High School. 

At HPU, Britton-Longabaugh said, she “fell in love with history, English and education itself.” Britton-Longabaugh majored in literature and history, and became a teacher through the alternative certification program.

“Alternative certification, in my opinion worked out better because I was able to pursue a lot more in college,” Britton-Longabaugh said. “I’m a pretty quick learner so I was able to complete it in just a matter of two or three months.”

Britton-Longabaugh excelled in theatre growing up, appearing in numerous high school and Lyric Theatre musicals. She is no longer involved in theatre, saying “I’ve phased into a different chapter of my life. I’m pursuing other interests right now.”

Along with her mother and her younger cheerleader sisters, Berkeley and Chandler, Britton-Longabaugh helped with Brownwood High School’s mini-cheer camp June 9-11. Although not a cheerleader herself in high school, Britton-Longabaugh was a three-year athletic trainer.

“I was involved in all the games and football and everything, so I’m used to that world,” Britton-Longabaugh said. She learned cheerleading moves “just from being around it. Both of my sisters have cheered since they were itty-bitty.”  

She serves as a cheer sponsor, a role in which she sees herself as a mentor and a guide to young people, in addition to coaching them on cheer moves. “It’s kind of a crazy world right now and they have a lot of things coming at them from different angles,” Britton-Longabaugh said.

Assessing her first year as a teacher, Britton-Longabaugh sad, “They tell you the first year is the hardest but mine was a breeze. I had a really really good group of students and I think that helped a lot.”