4-year-old struck by car Sunday in Flat Rock parking area

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Flat Rock Park

LAKE BROWNWOOD  — A 4-year-old boy was airlifted late Sunday afternoon after he was struck by a slow-moving car in the Flat Rock parking area at Lake Brownwood.

Mark Davis, chief of the Brown County Water Improvement District Lake Patrol, did not have information Monday morning on the condition of the boy, who was struck in his head. The boy was visiting Flat Rock with family members when the accident happened around 5 p.m., Davis said.

"The child was leaving the dock area and took off and ran across the road and was hit by a car," Davis said. "It was a very low-speed impact. The car was barely moving — under 5 miles an hour. The driver just did not see the child dart out in front of his car. The child was air-lifted out due to his injuries."

Davis said boy's mother and 9-year-old sister were walking to the rest rooms when the boy "took off running. The mother was yelling for him to stop and he didn't stop. The sister ran after him. It's just one of those freak accidents."