Lake Brownwood church makes donation for May ISD school supplies

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Representatives of North Lake Community Church and the May ISD are pictured recently in the May High School gym. From left are Marla Renfro, Janet Nash, Ray Renfro, Dee Hart, Frank Henderson, Nick Heupel, Ron Keener, Steve Howard, Allison Williams, Dusty Organ, Sheri Organ and Teresa Hobbs.

MAY — When North Lake Community Church presented the May PTO with a $2,250 check last August for school supplies, pastor Ron Keener thought the mission was complete.

It wasn’t.

“I had phone calls the following week from church members including Dusty Organ,” Keener recalled. “He said ‘we cannot stop with $2,250. They need more than $6,500 and I think we need to keep going, and try to raise the rest of that money for them.'"

The church continued raising money for the PTO and recently presented May PTO president Frank Henderson with a $4,500 check.

The money reimbursed the PTO for funds it spent to buy school supplies for May students for the 2020-’21 school year.

Last August, Henderson said the PTO had decided to buy school supplies for every May student. While the PTO spent its own funds to buy the supplies, businesses and churches including North Lake wanted to help the organization recoup the expense.

That prompted North Lake Community Church to raise funds and present the initial $2,250 check to the PTO in August. That check did not cover all of the PTO’s expense for the project.

"So we decided at North Lake Community Church that we would jump in there and go into the deep end and try to collect the balance of what they needed to fulfill the commitment to the parents and students for school supplies,” Keener said.

"Over those next many months, we did all kinds of things — project after project after project, making things. Even some of the students got involved making things, and we sold those and we raised another $4,500, which is a total of $6,750.”

Keener said church members Dusty and Sheri Organ had been “instrumental in launching this second phase, our second chapter” of the fund-raising for the May PTO.

Keener and other church members presented the check to Henderson, who was accompanied in the high school gym by May secondary principal Nick Heupel, elementary principal Allison Williams and May ISD superintendent Steve Howard.

The check was from “little kids doing things, and big kids doing things,” Keener told the May school representatives. “We believe in what you’re doing.”

Howard said, “We just appreciate all the help we can get.”

Henderson said the PTO wants to buy school supplies for the coming school year, but probably on a scaled-back basis.

Keener also announced North Lake Community Church has started a ministry of adopting the county’s 10 volunteer fire departments.

“We’re going to provide them support, encouragement, being there for them in whatever creative way possible, and that includes water,” Keener said.

United Supermarkets is partnering with the church to help provide water to the departments, the pastor said.