Ted Perez sworn in as Precinct 4 justice of the peace

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Ted Perez places his hand on a Bible held by his wife, Charlene, as Brown County Judge Paul Lilly swears Perez in as Precinct 4 justice of the peace Wednesday in the Brown County Courtroom.

Veteran law enforcement officer Ted Perez placed his hand on a Bible held by his wife, Charlene, and recited the oath of office Wednesday to become justice of the peace in Precinct 4.

On June 30, 2021, Brown County Judge Paul Lilly swore Perez into office in the county courtroom, which was crowded with colleagues and friends.

Commissioners court members unanimously agreed last month to appoint Perez to the office after then-Justice of the Peace Jim Cavanaugh said he was retiring as of June 30.

 “You don’t just assume an office of this magnitude without it affecting you,” Perez said after he was sworn in.

Bangs Police Chief Jorge Camarillo congratulates Ted Perez, who stands next to his wife, Charlene, as Perez was sworn in as Precinct 4 justice of the peace.

Perez said his appointment represents a continuation of his public service career, which has spanned nearly 45 years.

Perez retired from the Lubbock Police Department as a sergeant, then served as a reserve officer for the Brownwood Police Department. For the past five years, Perez worked for the Brown County Sheriff’s Office as a courthouse deputy.

“That’s done,” Perez said of his law enforcement career. “This is a full time job and when I say full time, it’s 24 hours a day because I’m on call as of now.”  

While justice of the peace is an elected office, Perez was  the second person this year to be appointed by commissioners. 

Harold Hogan was sworn in as Precinct 2 justice of the peace in May following the retirement of Mike Holder.