Brownwood Education Foundation buys school supplies for students

Special to the Bulletin
Boxes stacked upon boxes line the walls of a hallway, packing an entire room from wall to wall at the Brownwood ISD Central Support Center.

School supplies including pencils, paper, pens, markers, crayons, map pencils, paper, notebooks, folders, paints and glue have been paid for by the Brownwood Education Foundation and will be distributed to campuses.

Most students will need to provide a backpack, water bottle, and supply box or bag. Some students have a handful of additional items.

For several years, the Brownwood ISD has sought to cut costs for parents. For the 2021-'22 school year, that means a shortened school supply list.

The Brownwood Education Foundation has partnered with the Brownwood ISD to fund the project.

The foundation and the school district "have been talking about it for several years,” said Liesa Land, deputy superintendent. “So this year we just reached out and asked them. Parents will only be asked to send the two to three things on the school supply list. Everything else will be provided.

“Parents have some relief. This is important to us.”

Eric Evans, vice president of the foundation, said the foundation is a conduit for churches, organizations, and individuals to fund projects such as the school supplies. Evans said the the school district is purchasing what would cost families $350,000.

"School supplies are an essential element for students, and no one should have to go without them," Evans said. "So the foundation stepped in to do what we can.”

Massive quantities of boxes await distribution and each campus and teacher will receive an entire year’s worth of supplies.

Covering the expenses is possible only by the generosity of the community, Evans said.

He said many people contribute to their local church funds, which are then sent to the school district through the Brownwood Education Foundation.

These contributions allow the school district to move forward into the school year without having to cut expenses elsewhere, Evans said.

“We would love for this to be an annual contribution, but it is only possible when the funds are available,” Evans said. “We will have to see what can happen in the future on this issue.”