Harris: Level of excitement 'off the scale' as broadband service joins Grande Communications

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Harris Broadband is at 500 Fisk in downtown Brownwood, the former location of the old Weatherby Ford dealership.

Harris Broadband president Phil Harris said it’s “a dream come true” to become part of Grande Communications, which has purchased the Brownwood  telecommunications service provider.

While declining to be specific in a phone interview Wednesday, Harris said there will be new products and features for subscribers.

“The level of excitement here at Harris Broadband is really off the scale,” Harris said. “We’re really super stoked. We’ve always admired Grande’s level of commitment to their customers. We see a really great future for Brownwood, Early and the surrounding area.

“We’ve got a lot of extension projects planned. We’ve got a lot of new and exciting products and features for our subscribers, so stay tuned. There are a lot of positive changes coming.”  

Harris did not give give details on new services and products, but said the company will customers a letter with additional details.

“This is all happening rather quickly,” Harris said. “It’s a little early too disclose all of the new features and the products.”

Harris Broadband began providing service to customers in 2007.

Harris said he anticipates the company will begin offering higher Internet speeds. “We have always had gigabit for residential,” Harris said. “We just never pushed it out in the market that far because no one really needed it yet.

“We’re now getting some requests for gigabit packages in residential. We’ve always had that available for our commercial clients. That’s just around the corner.”

Harris said if there are rate changes, “it wouldn’t be much. We’ve always tried to be a great value for our customers. I think the biggest changes you’ll see will be in the sizes of the Internet packages, and with our commercial clients, they will have access to a lot of interesting features.”

When asked if the company will keep the Harris Broadband name, Harris said, “Yes we will, for awhile. We’re now part of the sixth largest cable company in the United States. It is a dream come true for us. We’re looking toward the future.”