Quarantine imposed at Brown County Home Solutions shelter

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Brown County Home Solutions,which is located at the former Avenue D Baptist Church in Brownwood, was created to address homelessness in Brown County.

Eight people who’d been staying at the Brown County Home Solutions shelter are now quarantined there because of COVID, and the shelter is now closed.

Executive Director Linda Heitman said she implemented the quarantine Thursday after learning that a man who was no longer there was COVID-positive. Heitman said she arranged for a mass testing through the health department at the shelter Friday, and one person was positive.

The shelter had been scheduled to close temporarily on Aug. 31. 

“But now we have closed to new people early because we’re in quarantine due to active COVID cases,” Heitman said. “The ones who are there are quarantined, they can’t leave. They’ve really been pretty cooperative.”

Heitman said she learned about the first man's positive test result from his mother, who called the shelter Thursday looking for him.

“I don’t think he even knows that he got COVID,” Heitman said. “His  family called us, trying to track him down and we can’t track him down either.”

Brown County Home Solutions offices are now closed to the public, and all appointments are conducted via phone, Heitman said.

She said the shelter had been requiring masks since Aug. 2.

The shelter has been operating on a seasonal bases, as it doesn’t have the funds to operate full time.

The shelter had closed at the end of cold weather, then opened on July 1 for what was to have been a two-month summer period.