Artist creates special show to benefit Museum of History

Special to the Bulletin
Christine Brisley

The Brown County Museum of History will host a special art show, inspired by ranching history and love of the land, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 16.

 The art show will feature a collection of original paintings by artist Christine Brisley and will offer scenes from the county. 

When Brisley and her husband Paul Wade first traveled through Brown County, they came over a hill that gave them a view of the lake as they drove into Brownwood.  She exclaimed, “I like this place!  A nice town, surrounded by gently rolling hills and covered by enormous skies — it is beautiful!”

The couple decided to re-locate to Brownwood, and quickly became involved in community activities.

Brisley had experience in art restoration as well as creating original art. This led to a commission from the Brown County Museum of History to repair the World War II-era mural that had just been moved into the museum’s collection. Painted by German P.O.W.s at Camp Bowie in Brown County during World War II and restored by Brisley, the 20-foot-long mural is now on display.

While doing the art restoration work, Brisley saw the newly created museum exhibit balled  Ranching in Brown County: The Land We Love. The exhibit is sponsored by the Burns Family Ranch, a pioneer ranching family in the county. Brisley was inspired by the exhibit and her new-found attraction to the landscapes she saw all around her.

Brisley was so impressed with the ranching exhibit that she offered to do a show to benefit the museum, and poured her heart into painting a series of works. She created more than 50 paintings that reflect a wide variety of images and colors of the flowers, water and native pastures found in Brown County. The collection was christened Around Brown County.

The Thursday night event will be the first time the paintings are on view to the public, and will be on sale. Event chair Gayle McNeill described the event as "a fun and relaxing evening" that celebrates Texas." Silver Spur Winery and Veldhuizen Cheese Company will crated create pairings for the event.

"With the art show being at the museum, everyone can see exhibits, beautiful original art, and the mural that Christine has restored, all while sampling cheeses and either wines or a non-alcoholic beverage," McNeill said. 

Admission and sales will benefit children’s educational programs at the museum.

Tickets are limited and cost $15 per person. Tickets are available at the Brown County Museum of History, Early Visitors and Events Center and Lehnis Railroad Museum and Visitors Center, or online at

The Brown County Museum of History is dedicated to preserving local history, offering educational opportunities to share a historical and cultural heritage in a museum where visitors of all ages connect with history, ideas, and one another.