Brown County 4-H news and updates

Brownwood Bulletin
Nick Gonzales

Dates to remember     


10 – Brownwood 4-H Club Meeting 3:00pm at Brownwood Middle School

10 – Brown County 4-H Chef Camp 2:00-3:00pm at the Extension Office

11 – Extension Office Closed for Columbus Day

12 – Deadline to RSVP for LIFE 101

16 – County and State Lamb/Goat Validation 8:00am at the Youth Fair Barns

17 - Sheep & Goat Club Meeting 6:30pm at the Youth Fair Barns

17 – Bangs 4-H Club Meeting 3:00pm at Bangs High School

18 – Deadline to Enter the County Food Show

19 – LIFE 101 Information Meeting 5:00pm at the Extension Office

19 – 4-H Rabbit Club Meeting 6:30pm at the Extension Office

24 – Brown County 4-H Food Show 3:00pm at the Extension Office

27 – State Heifer Validation 2:00pm at Bob Clarks Pens

Brown County 4-H Chef Camp                     

The Brown County 4-H FCH Coalition is hosting a chef camp. The camp will be held on Sunday, October 10th 2:00pm – 3:00pm at the Extension Office. During the camp you will learn more about 4-H Food & Nutrition Projects. Below is the topics that will be covered: knowledge showcase/my plate; food show dish presentation/interview; skills showcase.

If you are interested in participating in the 4-H Chef Camp contact the Extension Office @ 325-646-0386.

Life 101

Life 101 is a youth program that focuses on filling the missing pieces and assisting with the strategies to successfully launch into adulthood. The goal is to eliminate the idea of “Learning from their mistakes”.

Topics of learning are:banking and managing money; credit cards; financial aid, loans,and scholarships;  budgeting; true cost ot ransportation;  interviewing skills and how to land a job;  etiquette and dressing for success

This program is open to Brown County 4-H members 9th – 12th grade. There will be an information meeting at 5 p.m. Oct.19 m at the Extension Office. Please RSVP by October 12th if you plan to attend.

4-H food show

The Brown County 4-H Food Show is set for 3 p.m. Oct. 24 at the Extension Office. If you are interested in participating, RSVP by Oct. 18. Clover kids are eligible to participate.

This year’s theme is Backyard BBQ. What’s your favorite dish at a backyard BBQ? Don’t be afraid to showcase your culinary skills by experimenting with flavors and dishes commonly found at a backyard BBQ. Summer isn’t the only time for a Backyard BBQ! Sometimes, a backyard BBQ means you get to enjoy special dishes that you only see at a BBQ. The grill usually comes out and families have started gathering around to experiment with different flavors. Now is the time for you to get creative with flavors and recipes commonly found at a backyard BBQs. You may even want to try out a new piece of kitchen equipment such as a grill plate or indoor grill. Remember, not all backyard BBQ dishes even require a grill. Many Backyard BBQ dish favorites can be prepared on the stovetop, in the oven, in non-cook methods, or using special equipment. Remember to keep in mind good nutrition and healthy preparation methods as you select your recipe.


• Main Dish – The main dish is usually the heaviest, heartiest, and most substantial dish in a meal. In a meal consisting of several courses, the main dish is served during the main course and is the featured dish of the meal. The key ingredient is usually meat or another protein food, but they may contain other foods.

• Appetizer – Traditionally an appetizer is a small dish or food that is eaten prior to the main course. When selecting recipes for this category, contestants should consider foods that are lower in fat, sodium, and calories so as to not ruin one’s appetite.

• Side Dishes – Side dishes are foods that are usually served along with a main dish or as accompaniments to the main course. Suggested dishes may include salads, cooked vegetables, cooked fruit, pasta or rice dishes, and/or combination vegetable dishes.

• Healthy Desserts – Healthy can still mean delicious when it comes to desserts. Dishes in this category should be served at the end of the meal or for special occasions. Contestants should modify traditional recipes with healthy substitutions and consider MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines when selecting recipes for this category.

The district 7 4-H Food Show will be Nov. 17 in Abilene. For more information, contact Nick Gonzales or Courtney Parrott at 325-646-0386

Rodeo Austin Barrow Show update

New for 2022, Rodeo Austin is proud to partner with the Texas Pork Producers Association to host an exclusive Certified Texas Bred Barrow Show. All Barrows must be certified Texas Bred to compete.

4-H livestock projects 

If you are needing assistance with finding a 4-H livestock project such as, lamb, goat, or swine for upcoming county and/or state shows please contact Nick Gonzales or Scott Anderson at the Extension Office.

If you already have your livestock project and would like for the agents to come, check on your project please contact the Extension Office to schedule an appointment.

Lamb, goat and swine county and state validation

It is that time to start getting ready for the Brown County Youth Fair and Major Stock Shows. The most important step in doing this is validating your animals. Lamb/Goat validation will be at 8 a.m. Oct. 16 8 a.m. Swine validation will be at 8 a.m. Nov. 13  at the Brown County Youth Fair Barns. There will not be a county validation make up day. If you are planning on participating in the Brown County Youth Fair, you need to make sure your animal is present the day of validation. If you ordered state tags and have not paid for them, come by the Extension Office ASAP. You must be enrolled in 4-H before the date of the validation.

Heifer validation          

If you are showing a heifer at a major stock show that has not previously been state validated or has changed owners, they will need to be validated. Heifers that are only participating in the Brown County Youth Fair do not need to be validated.

Have registration papers in hand at validation. Every heifer needs to have an ID, either a brand or tattoo. Please ensure that tattoos/brands are done and legible before validation.

Dates to Remember:

October 27 Physical Validation 2:00pm – 4:00pm at Bob Clarks pens

November 1 Deadline Original Registration Papers Must be in Exhibitors Name

For more information, contact the Extension Office at 325-646-0386.

Major stock show and youth fair entry nights

Every year we have two nights in November that we designate for families who want to enter the major stock shows and Brown County Youth Fair. The only way you can enter the major stock shows is if you bought state tags. The two nights we are having stock show sign up is November 1st and 22nd from 4:30p.m. - 7p.m.

If you are planning on entering Ft. Worth or Sandhills Stock Show, you will need to attend the night of November 1st because the deadline to enter Ft. Worth & Sandhills Stock Show is November 4th.

The deadline to enter Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Texas Elite Gilt Show, and San Angelo Stock Show is Nov. 23.. 

This will be your opportunity to enter the Brown County Youth Fair at this time. We are setting a deadline to enter the Youth Fair on Nov. 23.

Vet science day camp

The Texas A&M AgriLife Veterinary Science Certificate Program would like to announce 2 new day camps coming up October 14th and November 19th at the Texas 4-H Conference Center in Brownwood.

The October day camp is designed for students 14-18 that would like to gain experience in various working of veterinary science. Participants will learn general vet science skills and potentially have those skills signed off by a veterinarian. We will have a mock contest over breeds and instruments to finish off our day.

The November camp is designed for students 11- 13 years old. These participants will learn about the Veterinary Science Certificate program as well as skills designed to get them ready to enter the vet clinic.

Ag Texas Youth of the Month scholarship contest

AgTexas Farm Credit Services is proud to host a program that highlights some of the best and brightest young minds in Texas 4-H and FFA members in the South Plains, Panhandle and Central Texas areas.

The AgTexas AgYouth of the Month program will honor students who excel in the classroom and as leaders in their 4-H clubs and FFA chapters. The purposes of this award are:

To raise the profile of these two organizations by recognizing outstanding senior class leaders within 4-H and FFA.

To recognize these monthly winners in local newspapers and on radio (wherever appropriate), social media and the AgTexas FCS website.

To bring together these outstanding young men and women at the annual banquets.

To create scholarship opportunities that will help graduating seniors afford a college education

If you are a senior in high school and interested in applying for the AgYouth of the month complete your application online at

Volunteers needed for a day in show ring

We are once again hosting A Day in the Brown County Show Ring at the 2019 Brown County Youth Fair.  This show will showcase differently-able students from across the county, and their 4-H/FFA member buddy, as they exhibit lambs.

The objective of A Day in the Brown County Ring is to give differently-able youth an opportunity to participate in the Brown County Youth Fair. Exhibitors will be partnered up with a 4-H/FFA member who will help them present their lamb in the show ring. Each exhibitor will receive a t-shirt, lunch, rosette, and an amazing opportunity to show. The show will be after breeding sheep and does on Tuesday, January 11th. We have partnered with the Youth Fair and Texas Farm Bureau Insurance to help fund this event.

We are looking for youth volunteers to “buddy” up with exhibitors. Participants will be “showing” lambs so we will need volunteers to help supply the show lambs for that day. We want to keep the grade level of the volunteers 7th grade and up.

Each exhibitor will be partnered with 2 “buddies” (4-H/FFA members) that will assist with walking the lamb, on a halter, around the ring. 

Tentative Schedule is as follows:

Youth participants will arrive at Youth Fair Barn at 10:00am (we will need volunteers there by 9:00am for orientation)

Participants will eat lunch around 11:00am

Show will tentatively start at 12:00pm

 Each participant will get a rosette and a picture in front of the backdrop.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Extension Office to request a Youth Volunteer Application. The deadline to sign up is Dec. 2. For more information contact Nick Gonzales at the Brown County Extension Office.