Brown County Grand jury returns 31 indictments

Special to the Bulletin
Brown County Courthouse

The September session of the Brown County Grand Jury returned 31 indictments against 25 individuals, District Attorney Micheal Murray's office said.

Those indicted were:

Colton Christopher Crowder, possession or promotion of child pornography (four counts).

Jose Eduardo Nino, arson.

Jeffery Carr, prohibited weapons.

Frances Kelly McDuff, aggravated assault with deadly weapon.

Jimmy Dwayne Harris, DWI (two indictments).

Christopher Isiah Gutierrez, DWI.

Philip Andreas Walker, injury to a child.

John Lee Hester, deadly conduct.

Alfredo Aguirre, assault family violence (two indictments), evading arrest.

Michael Edward Cooper, assault family (two indictments).

Jose Chavez, evading arrest.

Oscar Ayon, sexual assault.

Mandy Lou Bushnell, evading arrest.

Lynn Anny May, possession of a controlled substance. 

William Joe Bailey, possession of a controlled subsance.

Jesse Escamilla Jr., possession of a controlled subsance.

Terrie Lynn Guerra Aka Terrie Lynn Garza, possession of a controlled subsance.

Richard Bryan White, possession of a controlled subsance.

Isack Weibe, reindictment: online solicitation of a minor.