Discussion on becoming 'constitutional city' dominates Brownwood council

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Brownwood City Council

A standing-room-only audience packed the Brownwood City Council chambers Tuesday morning as Brown County resident Rusty Howell asked the council to sign a resolution declaring Brownwood a constitutional city.

Howell addressed the council during the citizens comment portion of the agenda and asked for the topic to be placed on a future council meeting as an action item.

Howell's cited unconstitutional government overreach in COVID vaccine mandates as the reason for his request.

"Our constitutional rights are being violated," Howell said. "Our civil rights are being violated. Our medical rights are being violated. The problem is being instigated by a problem called COVID. That’s the vehicle they’re using to take our rights away.

“The God that we opened up in prayer to, that we pledged allegiance to, one nation under God, that God, we believe, created the perfect healing machine. Our natural immunity is the best weapon against sickness and disease. Man, science, cannot improve upon that and government sure can’t legislate it.”

Howell asked Mayor Stephen Haynes to commit give a "yes or now" answer as to whether he would sign a resolution.

“I have said I will stand beside the constitution," Haynes said. "That is not saying I will sign the resolution you want me to sign ... “If you will identify the actions you want us to take to defend the constitution, then I will certainly look at each one of those. But I can’t know whether the act you’re asking me to take is constitutional or not without knowing the action requested.”

See Friday's print edition of the Bulletin and www.brownwoodtx.com for additional details.