Woodland Heights Elementary announces pumpkin decorating contest winners

Special to the Bulletin
Avery Keys won the People category with a stunning portrayal of Principal Lancaster.

Woodland Heights Elementary added to their fall festivities with a school-wide pumpkin decorating contest.

Students were encouraged to decorate a pumpkin to be displayed in the school library, and their imagination was the limit. Categories included Holiday, Animals, Unicorns, People, Miscellaneous, Nature, Food, Sports, Superheroes, and Favorite TV/Cartoon Character.

The following were selected as the winners in each category:

Avery Richmon - Sports (Tennis)

Roxy Jones – Miscellaneous (Fish)

Makinzee Scantling - Food (Pink ice-cream cone)

Adelaide Hamilton - Animal (Porcupine)

Cohen Gayoso - Holiday (Scarecrow)

Charlotte Myers - Favorite Character (The Very Hungry Caterpillar)

Ellis Trump - Nature (Cactus)

Kaebri Keesee - Unicorn (Unicorn with long eyelashes and colorful hair)

Christian Galvez - Superheroes (Spiderman)

Avery Keys - People (Principal Lancaster)

Photos of all the winners are now available on the Woodland Heights Elementary Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/woodlandheightsbwd).