Moore says she's willing to serve as county attorney if called on

Steve Nash
Brownwood Bulletin
Brown County Courthouse

Terri Moore, who works as Brown County assistant county attorney, commented on Brown County Judge Paul Lilly's statement that he wants to see her appointed as Brown County attorney.

 "He called me earlier this week when Shane (Britton) made his announcement, and he told me that as far he was concerned that I was now the acting county attorney," Moore said, referring to Britton's announcement that he is running for county judge.

"Now I don't believe that's correct, because I believe under the Texas elections code Shane can continue to act as a holdover. Certainly I'm happy to do whatever Shane and/or the county commissioners want me to do, but I at this point don't consider myself to be the acting county attorney or anything like that."

Moore continued, "if Shane actually officially is no longer a holdover (county attorney), I would certainly be happy to take over for him or do whatever is necessary. I feel like I'm a team player and I'm happy to do whatever I can do to make sure things run smoothly and efficiently and do the best work for Brown County that we can do, whatever position I'm in."