Police: Man arrested after domestic disturbance in Brownwood

Special to the Bulletin
Brownwood Police Department

Brownwood police emailed details of the Nov. 21 arrest of John Scott Lee Dyer, 27, on charges of  assault/family violence, impeding breathing and aggravated assault/family violence with a deadly weapon.

According to police:

On Sunday, November 21, at approximately 8:45 p.m. officers were dispatched to a residence in the 2300 block of Berkley regarding a report of a missing person. The caller was not at the location but was concerned for her adult daughter who was pregnant and out on foot. The caller was concerned that a domestic disturbance may have occurred.

Officers discovered the missing female sitting on the curb close to the residence. Given the time of day and unknown circumstances, the female was transported to her parent’s location. Police learned a domestic disturbance occurred between the female and her boyfriend who was later identified as Dyer.

The woman said she and her boyfriend argued throughout the day while at the home they shared. She said her boyfriend demanded that she leave the residence. The female walked to Coggin Park where eventually her boyfriend told her to come home and give up her cell phone.

The woman said when she arrived home, she eventually went into the bedroom to escape her boyfriend's presence. After a few minutes, the man entered the room, pulled the woman off the bed and onto the floor then. The woman said he placed his knee on her neck and head, occasionally banging her head against the floor and impeding her breathing.

The woman believed she was going to lose consciousness and became dizzy and lightheaded. The man eventually stood up and yelled for her to leave the home before he shot her. The man produced a pistol and pointed it at the woman's head while pushing her toward the door.

When officer’s identified Dyer at the residence, her provided information to corroborate the woman's explanation of events, police said.